Duty Free shopping

Ever wondered what you should actually buy duty-free at the airport? New research from global comparison site Finder suggests you’ll save money on spirits, skincare products and makeup, but leave wine, perfume and chocolate to other retail stores.

Duty Free shopping

Chocoholics who purchase a duty-free Toblerone Gold Bar could wind up paying 59% more for the privilege. It’s even worse if you’re a Lindt lover, with duty free prices for a gold milk raisin hazelnut bar a whopping 177% more expensive than at Walmart.

You might be tempted to pick up a bottle of your favourite cologne while waiting to board your flight, but restrain yourself: the study also shows that perfume was found to be 52% more expensive at duty-free shops.

Duty Free shopping

Men’s scent Calvin Klein Obsession costs a shocking 124% extra when compared to online retailer Perfume Online. Not all airport perfumes were that costly, however, with Marc Jacobs Daisy and J’Adore Dior a more reasonable 14% and 17% more expensive than other retailers.

Significant savings come in when purchasing spirits – on average 18% cheaper – with Johnny Walker Red Label 26% cheaper duty-free than via retailers.

Skincare products can also result in decent savings, with several products an average of 14% cheaper than outside the airport.

Duty Free shopping

Angus Kidman, global editor-in-chief adds, “Do your research online before your trip. Make a list of everything you want to buy and what it costs. Compare retailers so you know what will and won’t be worth buying at the airport.”

Duty-free prices in this feature are based on the average of two Canadian duty-free stores. Retail prices used were the cheapest found online, meaning the prices here may not be the same at all retailers. All prices as of March 12, 2019.

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