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Following a five-day mega transport from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Badhoevedorp, The Netherlands, a Corendon Boeing 747 has arrived at the garden of 4-star Corendon Village Hotel. Plans are to convert it into a 5D experience showcasing the 747 and the history of aviation later this year.

The Boeing began its last journey from Schiphol Airport last Tuesday night. The dismantled aircraft was placed on a trailer of specialized transport company Mammoet to cover the 12.5 kilometers to the hotel. The aircraft crossed 17 ditches, highway A9 and one provincial road.

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Iconic Plane

The transport of the aircraft also coincided with the celebration of the first test flight of the Boeing 747 on February 9, 1969, exactly 50 years ago. The 747 is an iconic plane and was the largest aircraft in the world until 2007.

It was also the world’s first wide-body aircraft, with two aisles and its characteristic upper deck where the cockpit is located. KLM introduced the first Boeing 747 into its fleet in 1971. The ‘City of Bangkok’, added to the fleet in 1989, was baptized by nine Thai monks.

After nearly 30 years of loyal service, the repainted 747 now graces the hotel’s garden.

The spectacular transport attracted worldwide attention and was covered by national and international media.

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5D Experience

The Boeing will be converted into a 5D experience where visitors will be able to walk on, over or under the plane and visit places normally not accessible to the public.

They’ll be able to view the cargo area where luggage is loaded, learn about plane fuelling, take a peek inside the business class kitchen, the cockpit on the upper deck—and do a wing walk over the plane’s 30 meter-long wings.

A tour through the history of aviation will begin with the ancient human desire to fly and continue on the timeline from the first serious flight attempts to the 747’s development. The highlight will be the 5D experience, where you’ll encounter flying in all its facets.

The Boeing 747’s new garden home is partially an ecozone – open to hotel guests – and can also be used as a festival site.

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Fitting and Measuring

Corendon founder Atilay Uslu booked a room at the hotel, exactly on the spot where – if everything went well – the nose of the Boeing would be placed in front of the window. 

“When I opened the curtains this morning, I saw her in full glory. I realized that after months of preparation we really succeeded in getting the plane to its final place with a lot of fitting and measuring. That kind of takes your breath away”.

Corendon recently expressed thanks to the municipality of Haarlemmermeer, government agencies, various companies as well as its own employees, without whom the stunt could have never succeeded.

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