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It’s a speaker! No, it’s a power bank — AND a flash/strobe light! Introducing Outdoor Technology’s Buckshot Pro, a little portable bluetooth speaker big on sound.

Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro-2

Plug it in via the supplied micro USB cable and charge via your laptop or a USB-to-AC plug. The Buckshot Pro’s the Buckshot Rugged’s big brother (sans flashlight and power bank).

Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro-3

You can also use it to accept, hold and end calls with your smart phone once paired. The supplied user guide is pretty straightforward.

Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro-6

With a wireless range of about 30 feet, you can take your music into the next room and let your smart phone control the playlist. Great for watching movies on Netflix on the iPad with AirPlay on!

Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro-7

For fun, I plugged a Logiix Brite Idea into the USB socket. This would be great for power outages as well as for reading inside the tent once the sun’s gone down.

Tech Specs

– Passive bass port for bigger sound
– Wireless connectivity to almost any Bluetooth device
– Flashlight settings: torch, lamp, flash
– Included bicycle handlebar mount accessory
– IPX5 water resistant
– Rugged, shock-resistant minimal design
– Built-in microphone/speakerphone
– Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
– Play time: 10 hours
– Wireless range: 32 feet

Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro-5

Test Drive

I mounted it to my bike and took it out along roads both paved and unpaved. The sound held up and no skips along the bumps! I did notice that if I took my iPhone out to shoot a video, the music would stop playing. The flashlight works just fine and the 10 hour play time is pretty accurate.

Here’s a quick video showing a bumpy ride near the beach in Vancouver. Wind and car noises aside, you can hear what a typical urban ride sounds like, courtesy of The Clash.

The Buckshot’s handy on bike rides since you can control/pause the volume right on the speaker as you cycle along to the tunes. Just make sure you turn the unit off when not in use as it will remind you that you’re paired — every few minutes.


– Great sound for its size
– Portable and easy to mount onto bike handlebar
– Green model glows in the dark


– Only pairs to one Bluetooth device at a time
– Skip ahead to next/previous tune buttons not always responsive
– Power on/off/Bluetooth paired voice a bit too loud for our taste

Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro-8

The Buckshot Pro comes with a one-year warranty and retails for $79.95 online and at London Drugs. Other colours include grey, red, orange, army green and black, however only the bright green glows in the dark (once a light source has hit it for a few seconds, typical of most glow-in-the-dark material).

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