2015 Logiix gadgets

Stocking stuffers or easy-to-pack travel gadgets? You decide. We found three cool, fun (and useful!) gadgets from Logiix to include in our holiday tech shopping series.

2015 Logiix World Traveler Jet Setter

Never get stuck without the proper adaptor again with World Traveler Jet Setter. The three-in-one unit’s designed to include enough adapters to work in over 180 countries. Colour-coordinate your gear with Jet Setter in navy, pink, light blue, lime, orange, white or black. It also comes in its own cute little matching plastic suitcase!

It’s also useful going in the other direction: if you have items with international plugs, this will adapt to North American sockets. The bright colours make it easy to spot in hotel rooms, at airport lounges and in your travel bag. This one retails for $24.95.

2015 Logiix Brite Idea

Logiix Brite Idea’s a USB-powered lightbulb with a flexible, bendable metal cord meant to mimic a desk lamp. It contains 25 LED lights, is made of hard plastic and is energy efficient.

I could think of many uses for an extra light source, but the first one that comes to mind is being stuck in a hotel room during a winter storm power outage and having to wake up at 3:30 in the morning to pack, get dressed and ready for an early flight out of Toronto Pearson. Having had this light would have been a LOT nicer than the tiny flashlight on my iPhone!

2015 Logiix Brite Idea

I’ve stuck it onto my Apple keyboard for copying notes at night and it works like a charm. And stays cool to the touch. The Brite Idea costs $19.95 and its box will stuff nicely into a Christmas stocking.

2015 Logiix Blue Piston Nomad

The Blue Piston Nomad is a tiny Bluetooth speaker with camera shutter control. You can pair it to a device via Bluetooth and listen to tunes on the go.

It has a rechargeable Li-ion polymer battery that allows for four hours’ worth of continuous music. With a built-in micro SD/TF card reader, load up your music and you’re good to go.

It comes with a matching lanyard and charges via the micro USB charging port on the side, right above the auxiliary port.

2015 Logiix Blue Piston Nomad

The Nomad also has a camera shutter control and will connect to both iOS and Android devices without the need for installing an app. Now that’s almost a first!

Available in red, turquoise, pink, white and black, the Blue Piston Nomad sells for $34.95.

All items listed above are available at London Drugs. This post is not sponsored.

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