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Fact: Vancouver is in a constant state of construction. No matter what part of the city you live in, it’s hard to escape the sounds of progress, from jackhammers to trucks backing into alleyways, famous for their incessant in-reverse beeping.

When an old character home in our neighbourhood decided to get a complete makeover this summer, it was time for yours truly to get some major noise cancelling going.

Bose came to the rescue with the QuietComfort 25, one of the industry’s top-selling headphones for getting the job done as well as for moving awesome tunes through your ears.

Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones/unboxing
[QC25 unboxing]

I opened the box containing a neatly-packed set of white 25’s and was pretty stoked to see the case contains a carry loop on top, netting on the back for stowing small items, but most importantly, a spare AAA battery compartment inside. Next to the spare battery stow is a dual adapter for plugging into standard airline seats.

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The battery fits inside a small compartment on the top of the right ear piece. On the right you’ll also find the noise-cancelling switch. You can listen to audio without the power on, but quality greatly improves when that button glows green.

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I tested the QuietComfort 25 with just about every iThing we have around the office: a third gen iPod Nano, iPhone 5s, iPad 3 and second gen iPod Shuffle.

I was after two things: getting work done from my laptop and resting on flights. What I hadn’t yet experienced until now was the amazing sound quality that Bose is known for. It delivers!

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And now for the noise-cancelling test, the major reason for my interest in these headphones:

Building noise averted. Second challenge: two kids next door bringing their afternoon play/shriek session close to my office window. Noise greatly reduced (oh yeahhhh).

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The headphones have super soft material for long-term comfortable wear. The 1.4 meter (56”) microphone and remote cable can control volume, track selection and voice applications as well as switch between calls and music by pressing the middle button on the cable.

Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones-4

I like the cool turquoise colour – it stands out nicely against the white and beige headphone combination.

Heads up: the Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones are neither waterproof nor Bluetooth-enabled. If you’re looking for either or both of these features, this is not your headphone.

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Replacement parts are available via the Bose website – from ear cushions to cases – should they get lost or damaged over time. The carrying case measures 21 cm (8.25”) high, 14.6 cm (5.75”) wide and 5.1 cm (2”) deep.

These beautifully-designed over-ear headphones are compatible with Apple and Android-powered devices, come with a one year warranty, are available in black or white and retail for CDN $329.

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