BeautyCounter Brilliant Brow Gel

If the eyes are the window to the soul, then the eyebrows must be the window frame. The craze and focus on brows have intensified in the last few years with cosmetic companies pushing out creams, gels, powders and serums for these filaments that frame our peepers. 


My own brows remain sparse and shapeless despite multiple salon visits. When Santa Monica-based Beautycounter offered up their new Brilliant Brow Gel, I jumped at the chance to boost my brows.

I never knew how many eyebrow gels were already on the market until I did some research for this piece. Unlike most other cosmetic companies, the Beautycounter brand focuses on safety, banning the use of more than 1,500 questionable or harmful chemicals in their products. I’d previously reviewed their spa sets and was impressed with the quality.

BeautyCounter Brilliant Brow Gel
[Beautycounter Brilliant Brow Gel, Soft Black]

Their Brilliant Brow Gel became available last month and comes in four tinted shades (light, medium, dark, soft black) plus an invisible option. Natural plant-based carnauba wax and sunflower seed wax provide light hold to groom and tame brows.


Cocoa seed butter, shea butter, coconut oil and jojoba oil condition and soften unruly hairs. I was sent tubes of clear and medium shade gels.

I have black hair and thought that medium might be too light. However, with my sparse brows and neutral undertones, the shade actually works great!


The flake-proof formula is creamy and buildable so you control how much volume and colour you want. The tiny tapered brush allows for precise application, coating each hair for full, defined and natural-looking brows.


The invisible gel gave some definition to my brows but I really loved the tinted gel which is a time-saver! It filled in my brows without the need for a separate brow pencil.

All gels can be worn alone or paired with your favourite brow pencil if none of the shades are perfect for you. The clear gel is excellent for layering and would be a terrific tidying tool for those who already have well-defined and full brows.


My brows stayed soft and tame all day. Removal was so swift and easy that I may never go back to a brow pencil again. Beautycounter products are only available online or via a consultant.

Compared to other brow gel products Beautycounter’s Brilliant Brow Gel is a bit steep at CAD $30. However the safer, quality ingredients justify the extra pennies.

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