Vichy Restorative Mineral 89 Repairing Eye Fortifier

Vichy Laboratoires recently launched their newest eye care product infused with the highest concentration of their trademark mineralizing thermal water. As its name suggests, the Vichy Mineral 89 Repairing Eye Fortifier is fortified with 89% of naturally vitamin-rich mineral water plus an effective combination of hyaluronic acid, pure caffeine and dermo-chlorella.

The combination of 15 rare minerals in Vichy’s thermal water has soothing and regenerative benefits. Natural hyaluronic acid provides a surge of moisture while caffeine acts to drain and decongest the delicate eye contour zone. Dermo-chlorella will boost collagen synthesis, promising to brighten skin and improve elasticity.

The skin around the eye area is more flexible and thinner than anywhere else on the body. Imagine how many times you blink! Fatigue, environmental pollutants and dehydration are a few of the stressors that can attack this sensitive area.


Vichy’s new product pledges to help prevent micro lines and minimize dark circles by encouraging cell regeneration, rebalancing the skin’s pH levels and stimulating antioxidant defenses to improve the skin’s own barrier function.

While these assurances sound fantastic, how well does it work? The product comes in a sleek blue, silver and white pump-style bottle. The cream-gel formula has an ultra-light consistency that is neither greasy nor sticky.


One pump was enough to dab both eyelids and the under-eye area so the 15mL bottle should last a long time. Vichy recommends softly tapping above and below each eye, then use gentle rolling pressure to drain and de-puff bags while smoothing lines.

The gel is absorbed quickly and skin feels immediately hydrated and toned. I think my eyes look brighter because of the moisture boost that lasts all day. The Eye Fortifier is free from parabens, fragrances, alcohol, oils and silicone so will not sting or irritate sensitive eyes or contact lens wearers.

I was not expecting miracles and am not sure that any happened but the skin around my eyes feels more comfortable and plump. I leave the gel in the fridge for a refreshing dose in the morning and a cooling treat at night.


While no eye cream will totally reverse the effect of late nights and hasty diets, Vichy’s Mineral 89 Repairing Eye Fortifier will help reduce some of the damage. Treat your eyes to the benefit of this delicious moisture quench. 

Vichy Mineral 89 Repairing Eye Fortifier retails at around CDN $35 and is available at most major drugstores. Photos by Cora Li. Top image courtesy of Vichy Canada.

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