Ryan Gladstone

Vancouver’s Monster Theatre is back with two Vancouver International Fringe Festival shows this year: Every Story Ever Told and Houdini’s Last Escape, following the successes of The History of Canada, The History of the World, The History of the Future, The Shakespeare Show, The Seven Lives of Louis Riel, Jesus Christ, Freud vs. His Ego, Napoleon’s Secret Diary, and the list goes on.

“Gladstone has the energy of a hyperactive youngster and the nerve of a stand-up comic, and it’s hard to tell whether he or the audience is having more fun.” – The Ottawa Citizen

Ryan Gladstone is Monster Theatre’s Artistic Director. He’s played a role in every show the theatre has produced over the past 11 years. I greatly enjoyed watching Ryan in past Fringe shows The Seven Lives of Louis Riel and Freud vs. His Ego. I sat down with Ryan to learn a bit about both shows.

Ryan’s one-man show, Every Story Ever Told (part of the Vancouver Fringe Festival BYOV series), can be seen at Carousel Theatre (1411 Cartwright Street) on Granville Island on the following dates:

Friday, September 9, 7 pm

Saturday, September 10, 10:45 pm

Sunday, September 11, 6:45 pm
Monday, September 12, 10:45 pm
Tuesday, September 13, 8 pm

Wednesday, September 14, 6 pm

Thursday, September 15, 8 pm
Friday, September 16, 11:45 pm
Saturday, September 17, 3 pm

Sunday, September 18, 8:45 pm

Christopher Bange and Tara Travis
[Christopher Bange and Tara Travis in Houdini’s Last Escape]

Houdini’s Last Escape will be performed at the Waterfront Theatre (also on Granville Island), on the following dates:

Thursday, September 8, 6:50 pm
Saturday, September 10, 8 pm
Tuesday, September 13, 5 pm
Thursday, September 15, 10:30 pm
Friday, September 16, 6:55 pm
Sunday, September 18, 1:15 pm

Christopher Bange

Don’t forget to download the free iPhone app for Houdini’s Last Escape!

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