James & Jamesy

James & Jamesy in the Dark is billed as a daring, hilarious and exquisitely choreographed British comedy by Canadian performance company James & Jamesy.

In the Dark offers fresh perspective on the fascinating characters of James and Jamesy, whose previous two productions – High Tea and 2 for Tea – entrenched the duo as Fringe Festival royalty. More than 40,000 theatre fans have enjoyed their signature brand of imaginative, joyous art.

Masterful comedians and 13-time Best-of-Fest winners James & Jamesy conjure an adventure around creation itself in this latest production, running from October 5 to 16 at Vancouver’s Waterfront Theatre on Granville Island.

Through their own brand of British comedy, James & Jamesy regularly inspire audiences to celebrate the beauty and richness of friendship. James & Jamesy in the Dark marries Pixar with Waiting for Godot in a raw, poignant show — performed in the dark.

Catch this entertaining production at Granville Island’s Waterfront Theatre during its limited run!

James & Jamesy

James & Jamesy in the Dark

Dates: October 5 to 16, 8 pm
Venue: Waterfront Theatre, 1398 Cartwright Street, Vancouver
Tickets: Adults, $27; Youth (up to age 18), $18 (prices include fee); available in advance online and via the box office at Tickets Tonight
Opening night tickets are 1/2 price!


James & Jamesy is a Canadian performance company comprised of Aaron Malkin and Alastair Knowles in partnership with David MacMurray Smith. The team creates award-winning theatrical performances typified by extended characters, rich emotion and fantastical trips of the imagination. Shows are investigations in participatory theatre fusing physical comedy, clown and dance to create theatrical environments where audiences feel invited and compelled to participate.

Since 2012, James & Jamesy shows have sold over 25,000 tickets and been performed over 250 times, appearing in every major Canadian city. Their accessibility and wide appeal is evident by numerous five-star reviews and over a dozen Best-of-Fest awards from theatre festivals throughout Canada.

Photo by Thaddeus Hink.

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