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We recently discovered Andalou Naturals, a skincare line founded in 2010 by Stacey Kelly Egide and Mark Egide, a Bay Area couple that believe in pushing the boundaries of beauty, science and the empowerment of women.

Around 95% of their products are made in Northern California (Novato and Petaluma), derived from both certified organic and fair-trade ingredients. Their line is free of paraben preservatives, sulfates and phthalates, as well as being vegetarian and cruelty-free.

Their products also contain bio-designed collagen, a vegan collagen made using a plant-based, sustainable fermentation process similar to that of wine-making, that results in the same proteins found in animals without the need to use any animal by-products.

We were sent the new deep hydration collection to test, all blue-light shield packaged too.

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Deep Hydration Life Boosting Serum

This serum has vegan, bio-designed collagen and hyaluronic acid for improving the skin’s elasticity. It’s also infused with a natural fragrant blend of sage, tea tree and jasmine oils to invigorate the senses while calming the skin and evening out skin tone. I’ve been using it weekly, and I find it definitely adds hydration to my skin, especially around the sides of my mouth where I occasionally develop dry patches in winter.

A quick refresher on essential oil benefits:
– Sage oil: Uplifts and soothes
– Fir needle oil: Known to aid against fatigue
– Jasmine oil: Boosts sleep and brings calm
– Tea Tree oil: Promotes mental clarity

30 ml/1 oz.; USD $27.99

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Deep Hydration Multi-Correcting Cream

Andalou’s designed a wonderful day cream that also offers vegan bio-designed collagen, hyaluronic acid and fruit stem cells to offer hydration and to boost your skin’s elasticity. The cream also contains Ectonin, a natural compound, to help defend your skin against blue light and other environmental stressors. 50 ml/1.7 fl oz.; USD $27.99

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Deep Hydration Reviving Eye Cream

Similar to Andalou’s Multi-Correcting Cream, this rich eye product contains vegan bio-designed collagen, hyaluronic acid and fruit stem cells for both revitalizing and hydrating the delicate skin around your eyes. This cream will also reduce appearance of dark circles and puffiness, something we can all benefit from! 13 ml/.45 fl oz.; USD $19.99

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Deep Hydration Revitalizing Sleeping Mask

Andalou’s overnight sleeping mask claims to offer 20 times more moisture from its bio-designed collagen than traditional marine collagen.

Ceramides in this mask create a protective layer to prevent moisture loss, while safeguarding your skin against environmental stressors — and fatigue.

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I have only used this product for several hours in the evenings as I am still not 100% convinced that keeping skin products on all night is of benefit, since this is when the skin repairs itself naturally. 50 ml/1.7 fl oz.; USD $15.99

Visit Andalou Naturals online for ordering and to view the entire range of their products.

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