Blue Therapy Amber Algae Revitalize

With winter rapidly approaching, I’ve been looking for facial products that will help nourish my skin while giving it a more youthful, vibrant look and feel.

Biotherm’s new Blue Therapy Amber Algae Revitalize day and night creams are formulated for all skin types and are targeted to deliver healthy, glowing skin while repairing/restoring your dermis due to environmental and aging factors.

Biotherm Blue Therapy Day

I’ve been using both day and night creams for a week now and while the day cream definitely moisturizes and goes on smoothly (and makes my skin glow due to the incorporated micro-pearls in the formula), I’m finding the night cream a bit too thick for my skin type.

Biotherm Blue Therapy Night

Both products are infused with the brand’s exclusive Life Plankton™, a skin-regenerating thermal plankton extract that’s been clinically proven to protect and repair skin from daily aggressors. It contains 35 nutrients, proteins, vitamins, amino acids, glucids, lipids and trace elements that help revive the skin’s vital functions and are essential to its health.

Both also contain a very faint scent and are powered by Amber Algae for fuelling your cells with energy while firming the skin. Together with Resveratrol (for reducing appearance of wrinkles and fine lines), Biotherm is marketing the two as a matched anti-aging product set.

Biotherm Blue Therapy Amber Algae Revitalize-4

Tests on the day cream show added water retention and radiance in the skin while decreasing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by 13% via the Amber Algae (Laminaria Ochroleuca). Added to this is a potent trio of nutrients [fortifying calcium, vegetal oils, shea butter] that bring intense moisture and reinforce the skin’s own barrier.

Biotherm Blue Therapy Amber Algae Revitalize
[L to R: Blue Therapy Amber Algae Revitalize Day, Blue Therapy Amber Algae Revitalize Night]

I’m a long-time fan of shea butter hand and foot creams by L’Occitane, one reason I was interested in testing this brand of day cream.

The night formula test results came back with added water retention, a slightly higher percentage of lessened wrinkles/crow’s feet, plus added skin tonicity. As mentioned above, I feel as though the night formula could have been developed slightly less thick. It almost feels like a mask when applying!

Biotherm Blue Therapy Amber Algae Revitalize-3
[Blue Therapy Amber Algae Revitalize Night]

I haven’t yet experienced Biotherm face creams containing this level of thickness; perhaps the formula has been overhauled with true skin repair in mind, however it’s going to take a bit longer for me to see true results if this is the case.

Biotherm Blue Therapy Amber Algae Revitalize-2
[Blue Therapy Amber Algae Revitalize Day]

I would recommend the day formula as my skin continues to feel smooth throughout the day without feeling greasy. It took a couple of days to get used to the micro-pearls but my skin absorbs them nicely as well.

Biotherm’s Blue Therapy Amber Algae Revitalize Day cream comes in a 50 ml/1.69 fl. oz. jar and retails for CAD $89. The night cream (same size) retails for CAD $94. Both are available at The Bay and Sephora stores across Canada.

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