You guys may have noticed that the row of social media icons at the top of Vancouverscape’s sidebar has gotten a little leaner in 2020.

Well, it’s official: I’m breaking up with Facebook. And here’s why. Over the years, between my personal Facebook page and Vancouverscape’s business page, my personal page has gotten a LOT more engagement. That’s likely because on Vancouverscape’s FB account, I send out links to blog posts on Facebook, occasionally comment on other business pages and connect Instagram posts, not much more. See, I’m just not that interested in Facebook.

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Lots of people have deleted their accounts, there’s more than enough drama circulating about the 2016 US election hacking, and I haven’t even started on the reasons why this recent Forbes article asks if Facebook can harm your health.

Now, Facebook and I may have an amicable friendship business-wise, but there’s more. This past year, Facebook has been very much in my face, nagging me to boost posts as well as to remind me to post when I haven’t posted in “awhile”.

Top travel blogger
[This is only THREE days’ worth. I had a year of this nonsense!]

With continual ads following me to FB via web cookies (and I know, FB isn’t the only culprit here) and daily nagging like a needy lover to please pay more attention to ME (by spending money boosting posts), I decided that owning the account was no longer worth my time.

For awhile, I struggled with that decision, but it became crystal clear over the holidays what I had to do: DELETE my business account!

Top travel blogger

When it finally came time to hit that delete button, Facebook gave me a 14-day window to back out, just in case. Well, I’m down to 0 days and I haven’t regretted my decision one bit.

I’m still on Instagram and Twitter (both @vancouverscape) where my engagement is not only more solid, but definitely more community-minded, especially where travel is concerned.

Facebook/Instagram gallery

I’m a big believer in less is more, and with Instagram, I can still post those pretty travel photos, but not get pestered to promote it as much (there’s a blue Promote button on the right, but easier to ignore).

Have you decided to kill one or more of your own social media accounts? Drop a comment below; I’m sure our readers would be interested to know what others are thinking when it comes to social media overload.

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