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A new name. A new brand identity.

It was time to switch gears for my company. Though I knew the time would eventually come, I hadn’t found just the right name to encapsulate my site. Until last week. After a brainstorming session, I did a domain and social media search, found Vancouverscape available, and grabbed it. Designing in a social media/online world is a backwards process: you first check to see if your name is ‘free’, then proceed to design the brand.

Enter Vancouverscape. You’ll recognize the content and layout from I didn’t set out to reinvent the wheel and wanted as flawless a migration as possible. A huge disadvantage is that all my social media sharing counts in former posts had to be reset to zero. That’s the price paid for a domain change after three years and 1,066 posts.

The new logo is set in PMS 382 and Warm Grey 4. As a designer, I carefully thought over those two colours. My choice of warm grey for the word Vancouver describes a city that moves through the seasons: rainy yes, but not cold and distant. The green just brightens up the scape, almost reading as ‘escape’. After the grey comes the green: trees, grass, foliage, and brightness.

Welcome to Vancouverscape.

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