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I’ve often had this discussion with fellow bloggers, my husband, and friends in the community. What exactly IS the worth of a blog post to a PR company or event promoter?

First off, a typical post contains valuable information, photography, and a lifespan that far outlasts traditional media and local weeklies. It’s also spell-checked, copy edited and curated for online audiences, made concise and to the point in a compact format (at least in my world).

Secondly, the post can be shared around the globe via social networks for months, even years on end.

Why some companies don’t see the fundamental value of a well-written post is a mystery to me. Advertisers charge for every possible magazine and newspaper spot, whether it be for advertorials or ad space.

When a writer posts valuable content on a site for the world to see – for free – it not only devalues the industry but takes away precious time from other tasks, healthy outdoor breaks, fitness, and quality time with loved ones.

Let’s be honest: if there’s a company that aligns with your ethics and offers up product in exchange for your valuable time, that’s certainly a viable means of building a working relationship that hopefully over time will translate to monetary gain on your end.

So many companies have approached me (and continue to do so daily) hoping that I’ll place their product, service, or event on my site for free.

I understand that you’ve given me content and photography that’s simply a matter of cut and paste into my WordPress (or other CMS) dashboard.

Sure, the intern may have overlooked a grammatical error or two, but heck, why should I take the time to go over the copy, looking for irregularities?

I mean, come on, you’ve given me an easy time-saving way of posting your content.

Here’s why: I take pride in my work and whatever imagery I choose to add to the story.

And then there’s that time thing again: would you want to spend your days emailing bloggers and writers for free?

The next time you approach a blogger to write for free, remember how much time goes into their daily routine, aside from that ‘simple cut and paste job’— admin, web maintenance, editing, photo sourcing/shooting/editing, and yes, a LOT of emails.

Over and out.

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