Lechuza Delta 10

Lechuza (pronounced le-choo-za) is Spanish for owl. And much like a wise and vigilant owl, the Lechuza self-watering irrigation system is designed to watch over your plants, keeping them adequately moist throughout the year.

Lechuza Delta 10

German-made Lechuza Delta 10 and 20 planters, accessories, plant inserts and irrigation systems are 100% recyclable (made primarily of polypropylene PP).

Lechuza Delta 10-2

The use of high-quality, robust plastics – weather-resistant to UV radiation and frost – ensures durability. The stable plastic won’t break, even if the container falls unexpectedly. Lechuza planters can be used both indoors and outdoors and offer your green friends plenty of space in a small footprint.

Lechuza Delta 10-3

Thanks to the built-in wick irrigation system, plants receive exactly the right amount of water and stay fresh for a long time. The insert allows for quick and effortless planting for changing up the planter seasonally if desired.

Lechuza Delta 10

On narrow window sills, sideboards or as dinner table decor, these planters nicely accommodate both green and flowering plants via a rounded, slender design.

Lechuza Delta 10-4
[What’s in the box]

Out of the box, the system is easy to set up (via a simple step-by-step user manual). On the reverse of the packaging sleeve is a planting/watering guide. I inaugurated our glossy white Delta 10 with Thai basil and Mojito mint plants.

Lechuza Delta 10-6 Lechuza Delta 10-5

We’ll be watering the herbs directly into the planter for the first three months; after that, the self-irrigation system will take over and we’ll water through that small drainage area by the water level indicator. The sub-irrigation system starts to work as soon as roots grow into the moisture area.

Lechuza Delta 10-9

For every third watering, it’s advised to 1) slowly pour water over the plant substrate from above instead of the supply shaft to regulate the salt level, and 2) add commercial liquid fertilizer to the water according to package instructions.

Lechuza Delta 10-11

As well, do not fill the water reservoir right away when the indicator is at the Minimum mark: the soil needs time to dry between waterings.

I noticed that the online directions are much more detailed than what’s supplied with the planter. Take a look at this PDF for any tips and questions on Lechuza self-watering planters.

The planters are easy to care for: just wipe with a soft cloth and mild detergent. Since the planters are finished with a high-quality varnish (comparable to car varnish), it’s best to avoid harsh cleansers or cleaning utensils on the planter’s surface.



Included in the kit is a packet of LECHUZA-PON, a mixture of high-quality mineral stones (German-washed pumice, light lava) and premium-quality fertilizer, free from contamination and pollutants (and suitable for allergy sufferers).

Lechuza Delta 10-8

This unique mixture has an ideal air/water ratio for plants (45% water/55% air) that reduces a plant’s vulnerability to diseases and blocks fungi that can attack the roots. Place some PON on top of your plants as well to help prevent bugs such as gnats, since they typically nest in soil.

Lechuza Delta 10-7

LECHUZA-PON is ideal for all plants (foliage, flowering plants, citrus, herb, tomatoes, fruit trees, cacti, etc.) and can be used for years without needing to be replaced. Even following years of planting, the structurally-stable plant substrate won’t condense — and keeps its air-permeable structure.

Delta 10 measures 30 x 11 x 13 cm (11.8 x 4.3 x 5.1 in) with a plant volume of two liters (0.5 US dry gal.) and retails for CAD $39.99/USD $29.99.

Lechuza Delta 10-10

The larger Delta 20 measures 40 x 15 x 18 cm (15.6 x 5.9 x 7.1 in) with a plant volume of five liters (1.1 US dry gal.) and retails for CAD $66.49/USD $49.99. They’re available in five shades to match your space too.

Purchase Lechuza products online and at fine retailers in your area.

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