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BUFF® headwear has long been a favourite piece of gear to outdoor lovers for running, fishing, yoga, skiing, hiking, boating, cycling and other pursuits. Their neckwear can be worn over 12 ways including as a bandana, toque, headband and balaclava.

Original BUFF® S.A. began in 1991, when Spanish motorcyclist Joan Rojas, in love with the feeling of freedom he experienced when motorbiking the roads of Igualada, found a solution to a need for warmer neck wear and conceived the first BUFF pieces at his family’s textile factory. The seamless microfiber tubular garment that’s sold in numerous shops around the world is his vision.

Sadly, Joan passed away in early 2018 of cancer at the age of 71, however his concept lives on in a collection of hats and scarfs ideal for a variety of activities.

BUFF runners

While BUFF® products cover the entire front of the face (nose, mouth, chin, and neck), they have not been designed nor certified as protection against viruses or diseases, including COVID-19. They are however a good alternative/addition for health care workers as headwear and to minimize skin irritations caused by medical masks.

BUFF Neckwear

BUFF® recently completed a small fundraising campaign and are donating 1,000 units to selected health care facilities across Canada. The campaign was inspired by many requests the company received from nurses and doctors telling them that BUFF® products (if allowed in their facilities) were comfortable to wear, especially now as they’re working longer shifts.

BUFF knitted

We decided to check out a few BUFF® products to showcase to our readers. They’re available in dozens of styles and colour combinations, many with their own story to tell. There’s even a knitted neckwear line for winter enjoyment!

Buff UV+ neckwear

CoolNet UV+ Neckwear

These are made using 95% recycled materials, UPF 50 sun protection and CoolNet® UV+ technology, offering a cooling effect when worn.

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Advanced moisture management pulls sweat away from your skin, so you can protect your face and head from the sun in comfort and style. $24 – $28

Buff Lightweight Merino neckwear

Lightweight Merino Wool Neckwear

BUFF® created a Merino wool line using eco-friendly Merino wool.

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I’m sporting the Raspberry Multi Stripes version designed for low-intensity hikes, climbs and snowshoeing when winter returns. It’s a seamless tubular piece of neckwear that uses renewable fabrics to prevent bacterial growth when worn. $40 – $44

Buff ThermoNet neckwear

ThermoNet Neckwear

BUFF® ThermoNet® technology featuring Primaloft® translates to thin, lightweight, high-stretch, breathable, quick-drying neckwear made of 70% recycled yarn fibres.

By using threadless seams to join the fabric together, BUFF®’s neckwear won’t produce friction against your skin when worn.

BUFF Neckwear

We selected the Warden Brown wolf motif, inspired by nature and developed by both BUFF® and Primaloft® to offer more warmth than traditional microfiber fabrics. Protect Our Winters Canada partnered with BUFF® to drive the message home that human encounters and shrinking habitats due to wildfires, flooding and pollution are endangering wildlife.

With each design symbolizing an ecological concern, the ThermoNet® Collection encourages us to fight climate change in order to protect our wildlife and their environment. $35

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Visit BUFF® Canada online for the complete assortment. Standard shipping via Canada Post is free with orders above $50 (note that BUFF® Canada ships orders only within Canada). See their store locator page for nearby retailers.

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