AlwaysOnline Wireless cards

Staying connected while travelling offers a way to keep up with family and friends, check email, local attractions, ride sharing and so much more. Last spring, we used AlwaysOnline Wireless in several countries and are currently getting coverage in The Netherlands while on vacay.

For us, reserving train travel, Uber, checking out nearby restaurants and shops, plus WhatsApp’ing friends and family are the main reasons we’re staying connected on this trip.

AlwaysOnline Wireless cards

AOW uses 4G LTE networks wherever possible and the best part about the service is only paying for what you need in the countries you select on their website. Their data SIM works in all of your devices, including unlocked smartphones, tablets and hotspots.

No contracts means choosing a plan by the hour, day or megabyte, whatever fits your needs per county. For example, when we travelled in Eastern Europe last year on a Viking River Cruise, we were based in Budapest for a couple of days ahead of sailing off along the Danube. We simply topped up our SIM card with their 3GB data package (valid for 30 days) — there was never a worry about running out of data.

For a shorter city stay, you can also opt for a 500MB (valid for 15 days) or 1 GB (valid for 15 days) plan, or just go by the hour (20 MB) or day (200 MB). Prices vary per country and region, but the AOW site shows all your options so you can pick a plan, start and end date/time (in the country’s local time zone) and be on your way.

AlwaysOnline Wireless cards

How it Works

First off, check AOW online to make sure the country/countries you’re planning to visit are covered for data.

Purchase the AOW Global Data SIM card (USD $14.95; worldwide shipping available), a 3-in-1 card that includes detachable standard, micro and nano sizes.

For iPads with embedded Apple SIM cards, you can purchase a plan directly on your device without the need to purchase a physical Apple SIM (otherwise, Apple SIM cards can be bought at any Apple store).

AOW Wireless screen shot

The following iPad models are all compatible with AOW:
– iPad (2017)
– 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro
– iPad Air 2
– iPad mini 3 and 4 Wi-Fi + cellular models
(All models must be running iOS 9.1 or later and be used with an Apple SIM).

AOW Wireless screen

Select the country/countries, a start date and time, duration and time zone. Once you arrive, just pop in the SIM card and get connected. As well, you can always top up and add more data on the go.

Note that if you purchase a plan while in the same country and another plan is still active, data will be added to the remaining amount of your active plan. The plan expiration will reset to the plan period in the new plan purchased.

Check out AlwaysOnline Wireless online for details, pricing and country coverage.

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