If you’ve been looking for a way to help our local food and beverage industry in light of COVID-19, check out this recently-launched local initiative by the Vancouver Food + Beverage Community.

The incredible folks that make up this vital industry have been hit pretty hard — a large portion of their income is earned through tips as their hourly wage remains close to the minimum standard.

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[Sprezzatura Vancouver]

Employment Insurance only pays based on an hourly rate (capping benefits at 55%), which leaves so many now living at or below the poverty line.

A few days ago, the Vancouver Food and Beverage Community Relief Fund (VFBC) hit its first goal of $35k in funds and are next aiming for $45k.

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How You Can Help

Support the community via the organization’s online GoFundMe donation page. You can donate anonymously or leave your name along with donated amount. At the time of this writing, there’s now over $37k in the pot, to be distributed to workers impacted by lack of income due to the Coronavirus.

Ancora Executive Chef Ricardo Valverde
[Ancora Executive Chef Ricardo Valverde]

Those applying for funds will gain access to relief funds ranging from $25 to $150 that can be applied towards groceries, household bills, rent or prescription costs.

Larger corporations are encouraged to help with more substantial donations and can email to get connected with the team behind this heartfelt campaign.

Superflux IPA collab
[Superflux’s #alltogetherbeer IPA collaboration to raise money for hospitality professionals]

Several industry partners (including Earnest Ice Cream, Beta 5 Chocolates, LüNA Coffee and Laughing Stock Vineyards) are helping to sweeten the pot by adding incentives such as additional donations of cash or product (or both!) during April and May.

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