LEAGUE's Michael Serbinis, Olympian Simon Whitfield

Yesterday, I posted a feature introducing you all to LEAGUE, an online health and wellness platform that allows users to look after their own health by way of connecting with health professionals through a rapidly-growing LEAGUE community.

Last night, CCO/Co-Founder Todd Humphrey (formerly of Kobo) was joined by Olympian Simon Whitfield to help LEAGUE gain momentum in Vancouver as the team plan a mid-September launch here. A four-time Canadian Olympian, gold and silver medallist and triathlete, Simon discussed his Olympic career, vision for health and how LEAGUE can help him and many other professional athletes stay in shape both mentally and physically.

LEAGUE Vancouver-1

The cocktail reception was held at Point Grey’s Royal Vancouver Yacht Club offering a stunning backdrop of the sea and North Shore mountains.

Both health care professionals and tech industry guests were invited to get acquainted with the innovative platform’s key features:
– Personalized, educational content in a trusted environment
– Recommended health activities
– New connections/referrals
– Appointment reminders
– Personalized recommendations
– Convenient and cashless transactions
– Social (comment, like, share)

I briefly interviewed Todd before the presentation and asked him how Vancouver was chosen as a LEAGUE city. To him and the LEAGUE team, Vancouver was an obvious market due to our wellness and active lifestyles.

League healthcare app screen shots

The Toronto-based company is very happy to see the level of engagement over the course of the past few months since introducing the platform to their city via user comments, sharing, answering questions and offering advice. The team looked at a variety of industries; when they learned that the US healthcare market alone totals 4 trillion dollars, they knew where to set their focus.

LEAGUE also realized that while wearables collect important health data, that data is not always made available in a convenient format for viewing against other metrics. And, it doesn’t reach healthcare pros.

Todd also talked about bringing Kobo (his former company) from four to 600 employees, raising 80 million dollars in venture capital before selling the company to Rakuten, a Japanese e-commerce company. Kobo was launched in 2009, just two years after Amazon’s Kindle and before Apple’s iPad. With Kobo, they’d “somewhat disrupted” the publishing world.

League healthcare app screen shots

The goal here is to connect doctors, nutritionists, massage therapists, naturopaths and wellness experts with consumers.

Initial feedback over LEAGUE (as well as its iPhone and Android-compatible apps) has been favourable. Think of LEAGUE as an all-in-one healthcare option: from transparent service and pricing, automatic receipts and insurance claims to localized service where you live and work, LEAGUE is well on its way to becoming a leader in the tech and wellness industry.

The free user platform also plans on offering an option to compile and store your medical information. Visit LEAGUE online for more info.

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