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Samsung CEO Boo-Keun (BK) Yoon greeted a huge tech crowd last night at Venetian’s Palazzo Ballroom for his pre-show keynote address. The theme was the Internet of Things, focusing on how sensors in technology fit within our lifestyles.

Many devices out there are ready to be part of the Internet of Things (IofT). Jeremy Rifkin, President, Foundation on Economic Trends, came on stage to discuss the paradigm shift occurring in technology, comprising new communication technologies, new sources of energy, and new modes of transportation.

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The rise of the IofT is making way for a ‘super Internet’ — sensors will soon be embedded into every device. Everyone’s a prosumer: we share activity with one another via our connected devices.

The IofT is set to enhance and improve the quality of our lives, minimizing Earth’s resources while making for a more ecologically-sound environment. What’s key is providing data security while maintaining privacy for everyone.

According to Yoon, the IofT will be a game-changer, but will also require an open ecosystem, allowing collaboration across industries. The data is there to share, analyze, and act upon.

He anticipates that in 2017, 90% of all Samsung products will be IofT devices. Yoon also promised (on behalf of his company) to keep the technology open, to ensure that other companies can connect to Samsung devices, and has earmarked $100 million dollars in developer programs, allowing continued engagement in the open IofT ecosystem.

Alex Hawkinson discussed a new service called SmartThings Premium, recently launched to help alert you and members of your family to any issues or problems via connectivity. This service will be available in April. Hawkinson and Yoon have worked together for the past six months, collaborating with teams and developers to help meet the needs of people on a global basis.

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[Hosain Rahman]

Hosain Rahman, CEO and founder of Jawbone, also came on stage, discussing consumer satisfaction with the company’s UP fitness tracker, a product with engaging apps and service, science and data insight, tracking hardware, sensors, and algorithms for an incredible personal experience.

Rahman echoed the the fact that an open ecosystem is critical in making the IofT successful.

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[Elmar Frickenstein]

Elmar Frickenstein, Vice President of BMW Group Electrics had a great quote and takeaway: “The IofT is no longer a trend, it’s a reality.”

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The Internet of cars is seamlessly, safely, and easily connecting customers to the BMW, via Samsung Gear S, smart phones, and tablets. A fully functional onboard tablet allows drivers a wide range of customization. In the future, connectivity will be key technology shared over the cloud, he added.

Yoon closed the evening by asking everyone in the audience to get onboard and start thinking IofT.

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