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LEAGUE, an online personal health platform, recently launched in Toronto, Canada. Attracting top preventative healthcare professionals, LEAGUE gives health-conscious consumers the ability to transform their personal health and wellness journey.

This dedicated platform allows access to top health professionals in your neighborhood while benefiting from the convenience of mobile scheduling, payments and invoices.

Professionals and members stay connected with secure, private messaging and share their expertise and experiences in the LEAGUE community.

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The LEAGUE app is also available for both iPhone and Android-powered smart phones, making it the single destination for people to stay healthy — every day.

Created by former Kobo founder Michael Serbinis, LEAGUE’s goal is “to fundamentally change how people think about health”. Serbinis also added, “We envision a future where health will be highly personalized, ‘always-on,’ and focused on prevention — helping you live well every day. Our mission is to empower people to act every day, by connecting with the health professionals, services, and care that is right for them.”

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Dr. Elaine Chin, Personalized Medicine Physician and founder of Executive Health Care, also spoke favourably about the rapidly-expanding platform: “We need to rally the silent majority of preventative healthcare professionals onto a platform where consumers can work with them to fundamentally transform how they manage and improve their health and wellbeing. LEAGUE will be this catalyst for change.”

LEAGUE-approved professionals offer a broad spectrum of preventative health and wellness services including nutrition, acupuncture, massage therapy, personal training, physiotherapy, diabetes screening, chiropractic medicine, mental health services, meditation and integrative medicine.

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Health professionals can join online and services can be discovered and booked in mere seconds while payments and invoicing are seamlessly automated in a mobile experience.

Far beyond discovery and booking services, LEAGUE’s personal health platform offers users a way to stay connected and engaged with their professionals with secure 1:1 messaging, personal health data sharing, and an engaging community where health-focused information can be shared and discussed.

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LEAGUE users will be able to track their services and create a personal health record incorporating biometrics, wearable and app data as well as share it with healthcare providers who can provide meaningful, actionable insights based on LEAGUE’s data-rich platform. LEAGUE is definitely the game-changer in personal health management.

Now available across Canada, LEAGUE is actively seeking leading health professionals to join its community and start growing their businesses with like-minded clients focused on their health. In addition to its Canadian presence, LEAGUE will soon expand into the US and later this year, internationally.

The company is also exploring partnerships with insurers, employers, institutions and will soon launch APIs for third-party developers. Those interested in working with LEAGUE can email partners@joinleague.com. This article features sponsored content and compliments an event recap so that our audience can learn more about LEAGUE.

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