School is nearly in session and with that, students (and those returning to the office) are starting to stock up on tech essentials. We recently received two Logitech products to test-drive on both a Mac mini M1 and MacBook Pro here in our home office.

Logitech’s MX Keys for Mac (part of the brand’s Master Series collection) is designed to work seamlessly on both Macs and iPads. The Space Gray/black combination matches nicely with other Mac peripherals.

By comparison to a standard Apple extended keyboard, this one feels more solid when typing, and has a super cool ambient backlit keys lighting system that adjusts to both your room and time of day.


The keyboard edges are more rounded versus Apple’s and its keys are spherically dished for a nice tactile sensation while typing. Logitech has replicated this keyboard to match the same key sizes and spacing found on Mac keyboards so that adjusting to the MX Keys took no effort on our part.

[What’s in the box]

At 810 grams, it’s also slightly heavier than Apple’s version.

By pressing one of the Easy-Switch™ buttons labeled 1, 2, or 3, the keyboard pairs to the programmed selected device (we tested buttons 1 and 2 for a Mac mini and MacBook Pro and the product works as intended).

MX Keys for Mac
[Customizing F key actions within in Logi Options+]

For those familiar with Apple’s extended keyboard, the F keys function operate in the same way; customizable options along the right top of this extended keyboard (F16 – F19) include calculator, desktop screen shot and log out (at F19; password needed to re-enter). That last key is super handy should you be in an office or school environment where you need to head off for a quick break and don’t want anyone to have access to your system.


MX Keys for Mac ships with a unifying USB receiver (that can be used in place of Bluetooth connection if desired), a USB-C charging cable (USB-C to USB-C) and basic documentation. Note that if you have FileVault enabled, Logitech recommends using the provided USB receiver to use with the keyboard.

An online interactive setup guide gets you up and running with basic setup and features. By installing Logitech’s Logi Options+ software, you’ll be able to customize supported Logitech mice, keyboards and workflow settings as well. The website lists supported devices (mice, keyboards, lights).


Backlit Technology

This keyboard reads and adapts according to the level of room brightness via an ambient light sensor. As your hands approach the keyboard in darker lighting, the keyboard responds by lighting up. The eight backlight levels range from 25 to 100%.

The backlight function can be turned off via the keyboard’s F5 key and turned back on and adjusted via the F6 key. Note that battery life is increased with backlighting off.

[Logitech MX Keys top front of keyboard with on/off switch, USB-C charging port]

When the keyboard reaches 10% remaining battery charge, the backlighting automatically turns off and a battery notification comes on screen to alert you to charge up the keyboard. As well, when the room is bright enough, the keyboard lighting shuts off.

Remaining battery Logitech

Logitech’s online documentation mentions that there’s over 500 hours left of typing without backlighting, even when the battery is low! With regular use, MX Keys for Mac will last 10 days on a full charge and up to five months with backlighting turned off.

Illuminated Logitech keyboard

By default, the keyboard has direct access to the Media Keys, but you can turn them off (and on again) by pressing Fn + Esc to swap between the two settings.

13 cm (5.1 in) wide x 43 cm (16.75 in) long x 20.5 cm (5/8 in) high

There’s also Logitech Flow, a component of Logi Options+ software, that lets Flow-enabled mice (e.g. MX Master 3) to work and type on multiple computers at once using the same mouse and keyboard. It works by moving your mouse’s cursor from one computer to the next. The MX Keys keyboard will follow the mouse and switch computers at the same time, with the option to copy and paste between the two computers (provided both are connected to the same WiFi network and are running Logitech Options+ software).

All paper-based packaging for MX Keys for Mac is FSC™-certified and is made from a mix of materials from FSC-certified forests, recycled materials, and other controlled sources resulting in a 64% reduction in the packaging’s carbon footprint (as compared to the previous model).



– Available USB Port
– macOS 10.15 or later, Windows 10 (version 1607) and later
– iPadOS 14 or later (basic functionality without software for systems besides Windows, macOS)
– iOS 13.4 or later (basic functionality without software for systems besides Windows, macOS)
– Internet connection for software download
– Logi Options+ software (macOS) for customizing keys
– USB port or Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled device with keyboard support

CAD/USD $149.99

Logitech’s Pop Mouse is a MX Keys-supported device (button customization plus pointer and scrolling experience) and comes in some fun colour combos to dress up your workspace.

[What’s in the box]

Height: 104.8 mm
Width: 59.4 mm
Depth: 35.2 mm
Weight (with batteries): 82 grams

Logitech Pop Mouse

The Pop Mouse uses Logitech High Precision Optical Tracking with a discoverable range of 10 meters. The AA battery will last up to 24 months, depending on usage and via the optional Logi Options+ software, you’re able to see the remaining battery percentage.


The box includes a pre-loaded AA battery ready to go.

Logitech Pop Mouse options

There are 4 buttons on this ergonomically-pleasing mouse: Left/Right-click, Scroll wheel with middle click, and customizable Emoji top button (via Logi Options+).

Logitech Pop Mouse

This product also has three Easy-Switch™ channels that will pair with three separate devices and the on/off switch on the back helps to conserve battery life.

And just like the MX Keys, this mouse uses Bluetooth low energy technology (5.1) and is compatible with Logitech’s Logi Bolt USB receiver (a separate purchase, available online). CAD/USD $39.99

Visit Logitech online for current product lineup.

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