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Know someone who’s just gotten a spiffy new iPhone (or is about to get one 😉)? Our friends at Belkin have just launched a few new iPhone gadgets for the Apple lovers in your life.

The ROCKSTAR™️ Headphones with Lightning Connector rounds out our list this year — they make a great stocking stuffer!

BOOST CHARGE Wireless Charging Stand

BOOST CHARGE Wireless Charging Stand – Special Edition

Belkin’s sleek BOOST CHARGE Wireless Charging Stand dual coil design safely delivers a 7.5W charge to your iPhone in both landscape and portrait mode.

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[What’s in the box]

Whether you need a quick power boost or an overnight charge, your iPhone will receive the fastest wireless charge available. Belkin’s technology promises up to 25% faster, optimized to deliver 7.5W to iPhone models 8 and above.

BOOST CHARGE Wireless Charging Stand BOOST CHARGE Wireless Charging Stand

And you won’t need to remove your case: this wireless charging pad works through most cases up to 3mm thick. Comes in white; CAD $79.95/USD $59.95

InvisiGlass UltraCurve Screen Protection

InvisiGlass UltraCurve Screen Protection

Belkin’s InvisiGlass UltraCurve is designed to seamlessly fit the subtle curve of your iPhone screen for edge-to-edge protection via an ultra-slim glass, chemically engineered (using an ion-exchange process) to protect while delivering a flawless touchscreen experience.

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InvisiGlass UltraCurve has a higher molecular density than other types of glass, so it’s both ultra strong and slim (at a mere .29mm).

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InvisiGlass UltraCurve helps maintain your screen’s pristine appearance, helping to protect it against damage from all kinds of abrasive materials—from keys and coins in your pocket, to jewellery, hardware on a bag, belt buckles, or even gravel or sand.

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[With InvisiGlass Ultra on my iPhone XR]

If your screen protector ever gets cracked or damaged, Belkin will happily replace it too.

Belkin InvisGlass Ultra Screen Protector-2
[Comes with a handy align tray for a precision fit!]

Belkin InvisGlass Ultra Screen Protector-3
[InvisiGlass UltraCurve is available for iPhone 6 through 11 Pro Max]

CAD $64.95/USD $49.95

Belkin InvisiGlass Ultra Privacy Screen Protection

Belkin InvisiGlass Ultra Privacy Screen Protection

Advanced two-way, side-view filter technology provides the ultra in privacy for your iPhone’s screen. In portrait mode, your screen remains protected from prying eyes, while still giving you the flexibility of sharing your content in landscape mode. You’re also able to see the screen from bottom to top for navigation.

Belkin InvisiGlass Ultra Privacy Screen Protection

This new screen protector has been tested against contact with hard metal objects such as keys and coins (as well as damage caused by drops and impacts) and is proven to have a pencil hardness rating of 9H, offering you the highest level of scratch protection available.

Like the InvisiGlass UltraCurve, the premium glass used here is chemically toughened using an ion-exchange strengthening process. It’s heated to around 400°C, allowing the liquid form to be manipulated at a molecular level. At this point, small sodium ions are swapped for larger potassium ions which are then packed tightly into the same space.

Belkin InvisiGlass Ultra Privacy Screen Protection

InvisiGlass Ultra is precision-cut so thin that it becomes highly sensitive to pressure. This, combined with intelligent glass composition, ensures every touch and movement is transferred accurately to the screen beneath for a flawless touchscreen experience.

InvisiGlass Ultra Privacy Screen Protection is available for the following iPhones: iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, X, XS. CAD $59.95/USD $44.95

ROCKSTAR™ Headphones with Lightning Connector

ROCKSTAR™ Headphones with Lightning Connector

Belkin’s ROCKSTAR™ Headphones with Lightning Connector are geared to deliver high quality sound, supreme comfort and fit, and exceptional durability.

Packed with features, including water-resistance and noise-isolation, these compact headphones deliver superior audio without distraction. Lose yourself in music, be transported to a different world with an audio book or experience the highs and lows of every story as you listen in on a compelling podcast or two.

ROCKSTAR™ Headphones with Lightning Connector

In the box are three ear tips (S, M, L) to provide a more custom fit than your average EarPods. Angled drivers reduce strain on your ear so you can enjoy all-day comfort. They’re also sweat and splash-resistant, making them ideal for all-weather use (as well as at the gym).

ROCKSTAR™ headphones are also highly flexible and are reinforced at major stress points to withstand heavy use in multiple environments. Their flat, lightweight design keeps the headphone cable tangle-free in a pocket or bag.

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The cable management feature keeps excess cable out of your way, and positions the microphone for easy, hands-free calling. The multi-control button makes it easy to play, pause, skip tracks or answer a phone call at the touch of a button.

What I like the most about these is that the volume up button is raised, the volume down recessed, so it’s easy to change volume in the dark or on the go. For the price point, they sound amazing too!

The ROCKSTAR™ is compatible with all iPhones starting at 7, as well as iPad mini 4 and iPad Pro (10.5”) models, are available in black and white and come with a two-year limited warranty; CAD $52.99 (on Amazon)/USD $39.99

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