Belkin USB Swivel Charger

Not enough outlets in your hotel room, cruise ship stateroom, office space or airport gate? Consider adding the handy Belkin SurgePlus USB Swivel Charger to your gadget bag.

This charger’s compact format can accommodate two USB devices (an iPad plus an iPhone, Android or other small USB device) and three plugs. The plug rotates 360 degrees and has four locking positions, ideal for fitting into tight spaces.

Belkin SurgePlus USB Swivel Charger-2

It can also be used with a travel adapter, so if you’ve just arrived in a new destination after a long-haul flight or bus trip and want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that all your tech is charging in one place, this gadget is for you (more than once, we’ve nearly forgotten to rescue tech charging from outlets that were tucked out of sight).

When plugged in, the surge protection indicator light comes on to let you know your devices are protected. You can also use the SurgePlus USB Swivel Charger as a cordless, wall-mounted, all-around charging unit.

Belkin SurgePlus USB Swivel Charger-4

Belkin also guarantees the charger’s surge protection with a USD $75,000 Connected Equipment Warranty, so you can rest assured that your tech will be covered in the case of a voltage spike.

Belkin SurgePlus USB Swivel Charger-3
[Charging an iPad, iPhone, Lumix LX100 battery, Nikon DSLR battery and powering a speaker]

Key Features

– Rated at 918 Joules with three grounded outlets
– Two USB ports (2.1A combined) for charging tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices
– Damage-resistant housing for long-term durability
– Oversized Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) absorb excess electricity

One thing we did discover is the back of the charger has a small white button that needs to be pressed while rotating the plug. If at first it seems that the plug won’t budge, try placing a foreign adapter plug on top and rotating them together.

This movement will break in the plug and make it easier to swivel once you’ve removed the adapter. We’re looking forward to packing this baby into our tech bag.

Belkin SurgePlus USB Swivel Charger

Belkin’s SurgePlus USB Swivel Charger retails for USD $29.99 (Canadian pricing varies per website/retailer) and can be purchased via Belkin online or at Best Buy and Amazon Canada.

Unwatermarked top image courtesy of Belkin.

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