WiseWear smart bracelets

From the jewellery box packaging with a little silver handle to the shiny object of bling it reveals, WiseWear Socialite Collection smart bracelets flawlessly fuse tech with fashion.

WiseWear Calder Bracelet

The San Antonio, Texas-based company creates and manufactures smart and beautiful internet of things (IoT) products for consumer, military and medical applications. Fusing fashion with threads of technology, WiseWear seamlessly integrates proprietary biosensing and wireless communication technologies into everyday items.

There’s an interesting back story as to how this trio of bracelets came into being. WiseWear owner and founder Jerry Wilmink’s grandfather suffered from both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. One night, he headed to the kitchen to get a glass of water and fell. His grandmother eventually discovered him however he passed away soon after.

Whats inside WiseWear smart bracelets

Having had a way to easily signal distress in time of need may have saved his grandfather’s life. This was the key motivator in including a built-in safety device in the bracelets he began to build in his San Antonio garage.

WiseWear Calder Bracelet

Wilmink is keen on designing smart jewellery that can be admired rather than bringing yet another plastic bracelet to market. In fact, his company’s breakthrough innovation allows for Bluetooth and wifi signals to be transmitted through metal at a distance, opening the door to making any metal object ‘smart’.

WiseWear Calder Rose Gold

As well, these design-worthy pieces lack screens, so you’re really investing in a elegant statement piece that gathers all the necessary information straight to your smart phone.

WiseWear Calder Bracelet unboxing

Upon unboxing, the drawer opens to reveal a USB charger cable, charger clip and USB wall socket. The top portion of the box lifts off, exposing a double-sided compartment that moves to either side to showcase the thing of beauty inside, mounted on a curvy display. Included as well is a drawstring cloth pouch, cleaning cloth and quick start guide.

WiseWear Calder Bracelet charging

To charge, you attach the clip to the bracelet making sure the clips are securely touching the contact points on the bottom inside of the bracelet. The cable then gets connected to the clip and plugged into a wall socket. Once the orange light turns green, you’re good to go. A fully charged battery lasts about 72 hours.

WiseWear Calder Bracelet-1
[Photo credit: Lydia Park]

This bracelet feels solid on the arm and is one size with an inner circumference of 17 cm (6.7”) to fit comfortably onto wrists that are 16.5 cm (6.5”) in circumference or less.

WiseWear/settings WiseWear/notifications

The companion smart phone app (iOS and Android) has options to count your steps and calories, wellness activities, goals and will gently vibrate when receiving incoming calls from people on your VIP call list (all set up in the app). This translates to leaving your phone elsewhere in the room rather than in your hand throughout the day.

Tapping three times on the bottom of the bracelet will send a distress text to family members (up to two, selected in the app).

WiseWear Duchess bracelets in gold, palladium
[WiseWear Duchess bracelets in gold, palladium]

There’s three unique designs to choose from, in several finishes: Gold, Palladium and Rose Gold. Bracelets are made using 18k gold and platinum finishes and are water-resistant (but not to be submerged in water).

WiseWear Kingston smart bracelets
[WiseWear Kingston bracelets in gold, palladium and rose gold]

WiseWear Calder smart bracelets
[WiseWear Calder bracelet in gold, palladium and rose gold]

Currently the bracelets only ship within the US, but they’re working on getting the OK to sell and ship internationally. Kingston retails for USD $295, Calder for USD $325 and Duchess for USD $345.

WiseWear Calder Bracelet

I was sent the WiseWear Calder smart bracelet to test drive for this feature. Opinions, as always, are my own. Non-watermarked images courtesy of WiseWear.

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