iClever headphones, Vancouverscape

A couple of years back, I reviewed Outdoor Tech’s Orca Bluetooth wireless headphones. At the time, manufacturers weren’t in a mad rush to cut the cord on headphones — although the trend was growing. A year later, Apple released its AirPods, helping accelerate wireless headphone production. 

While trusted brands like Beats and Bose have dominated the high-end market, online sites like Amazon continue to introduce shoppers to lesser known labels through its user-rating system. 

iClever headphones, Vancouverscape

Search for “sport bluetooth headphone” and iClever shows up as one of the most rated brands on Amazon.com, although very little is revealed about the company through their online website. Last week, iClever sent me the BoostRun BTH07 to test drive. 
Much like their online presence, the BTH07 comes in a no-nonsense, no-frills cardboard package. The ear-hook style headphones feature a glossy, minimalist design. 

The iClever logo and charging port are located on the left earbud; a multifunction button (MFB) and volume controls are on the right. 

[What’s in the box]

The headphones are nestled safely in a foam tray while a microUSB cable, warranty card, instructions and two pairs of alternatively sized silicon earbud tips are tucked underneath. 

A pair of medium tips come preinstalled on the earbuds. 

The earbuds are intuitively slanted at a 15-degree angle to fit snug and comfortable. This design provides a good level of physical noise isolation from my surroundings while listening to music or taking calls. 


iClever’s website boasts that the BTH07 utilizes CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology. Callers on my phone were clear and distinct although their voices sounded “tinny”.  I’m unsure whether noise cancellation is also applied at the microphone (at the base of the right earbud) but callers complained that my voice was muffled and background sounds were audible. 

The microphone position had to be adjusted for optimal sound quality. For music playback, I find the headphones lack the rich range and depth of sound found on higher end models. No booming bass, tickling trebles or visceral voices. The overall experience is rather flat.

Luckily I’m not an on-the-go audiophile and prefer to listen to audiobooks instead. This type of media fared just fine on the BTH07 and because they’re so comfortable, I can wear them for hours.

I enjoy the convenience of earbuds however most models perpetually fall out. The BTH07’s ear hooks help to mitigate this annoyance, a great boon while exercising. 

Designed for sports, these headphones are advertised as sweat-proof and designated IPX4 water resistant. IPX8 is the highest rating, so the BTH07 will tolerate a run in light rain.

They may only weigh 19 grams, but the BTH07 is not as light as Outdoor Tech’s Orcas (13 grams). The flat, tangle-free neckband can be adjusted with a removable connector while the sporty neon colour makes them easy to spot at the bottom of a gym bag. I prefer to wear mine in front to prevent a tango with my long hair. 

The BTH07 manual lists a non-obstructed range of 10 meters (32 feet) but in reality my headphones began to cut out at around six meters (20 feet).

One of the best features about the BTH07 is that all the controls are situated on the right earbud rather than loading down one side of the connecting cable. All basic functions are intuitive via the MFB or volume controls. 

[iClever pairing]

The BTH07 connects to all devices and brands compatible with Bluetooth 4.1 and pairing is a cinch. Multi-point is supported, which means they can be paired to two devices simultaneously, creating more audio enjoyment possibilities. 

iOS units have an advantage with remaining battery level shown beside the main battery icon. These headphones only take two hours to charge but provide up to seven hours of active use (with a total of 160 on standby). 

Finally, the price point of the BTH07 is perhaps why this device is a buyer favourite on Amazon. Retailing at around $20 USD, the iClever delivers a convenient, wireless product that combines ease of operation and comfort. These headphones also come with one of the best guarantees I’ve ever encountered for a product under $50. 

The warranty card boasts:
– 24 hours response time
– 30-day money back
– 18-month replacement
– Lifetime support

Time will tell whether I’ll need to take advantage of these services but reviewers on Amazon have cited positive experiences. The performance of this product is a reasonable trade-off for lesser sound quality, making the iClever BHT07 a very good value.

I was sent a pair of iClever BHT07 headphones for the purpose of test-driving for this feature. With the exception of the top two images, photos by Cora Li.

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Cora dabbles in arts, technology, food, and travel. She loves that Vancouver offers a vast playground for exploring all of her passions. Cora’s most memorable job to date was working with VANOC during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

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