Every place has a secret. And, some places have a little bit of magic. Lost in Twine is about life in the Net Loft, a vibrant and truly public space where people’s lives cross, but never intersect. Or, so it seems. An energetic yet poignant story about space, connection, and perspective, Lost in Twine invites you to experience the action at the tables in the Net Loft.

The Net Loft has been standing since the early 1900’s; it originally served as a place for fishermen to mend nets. In the 70’s it became the home to several independent shops and services, many of which are still open today. Lost in Twine sets a precedent for being the first play to be performed at the Loft.  
The play puts the audience square in the middle of the action by seating them at the Net Loft’s table, effectively creating the reverse of theatre in the round! The ensemble cast includes nine performers (six women, three men), representing Vancouver’s diverse talent. Performers hail from Canada, the US, Honduras, Japan, and Brazil.

Female writer and director Kelsey Blair is a former UBC athlete who went on to play professional women’s basketball in Sweden.  

Blair explained her inspiration for Lost in Twine. “Since I was a little kid, my family has gone to Granville Island for breakfast on Sundays. I have an enchilada, my Mom has a cookie, and my Dad has bacon and eggs. A few months ago a complete stranger walked up to my Mom and said ‘I remember watching your daughter chase pigeons as a child. She seems to have turned into a lovely young woman’. My mom described the moment as a ‘gentle moment of magic’. It got me thinking about the way people co-exist and intersect in public spaces. I hope the show captures some of the magic my mom experienced.”

Lost in Twine: The Untold Stories of the Net Loft
An original site specific play in the Net Loft at The Vancouver International Fringe Festival 2012
Dates: September 6, 7, 8, 9, 16: 8 pm; September 14, 15: 7:45 and 9:30 pm
Venue: The Net Loft, 1666 Johnston Street, Granville Island, Vancouver
Tickets: $10/$12, available online

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