Ernest White II

Ernest White II is a storyteller, explorer and transformational lifestyle designer who has circumnavigated the globe six times.

Ernest White II in Stockholm

Ernest started FLY BROTHER as a blog in 2008 while living as an expat in Colombia. The blog kept folks back home abreast of his life in Latin America while encouraging people to get outside of their comfort zones and to travel more.

Hrishikesh Pawar, Ernest White II in Mumbai India
[Hrishikesh Pawar, Ernest White II in Mumbai India]

Over time, the blog shifted from his personal anecdotes and experiences to include useful information, travel tips and cultural insights. Over the years, Ernest travelled the world, connecting with people and places, living a life of adventure, romance and intrigue (with plenty of pleasure and pain along the way).

This month, he’ll launch season one of a new travel docu-series, FLY BROTHER with Ernest White II on public television stations in the US (and nationally in summer on Create TV).

FLY BROTHER with Ernest White II | Promo from Fly Brother on Vimeo.

FLY BROTHER with Ernest White II will take viewers to Brazil, Canada, Georgia, Namibia, Sweden, Ethiopia, India and Tajikistan. At each location, Ernest meets with real-life friends to explore their favorite local hotels, restaurants and social haunts. Throughout each episode, we see festivities, food and fun, but also the friendship that proves the whole world is our tribe.

Mako Kavtaradze, Amy Gigi Alexander, Ernest White II in Tbilisi, Georgia
[Mako Kavtaradze, Amy Gigi Alexander, Ernest White II in Tbilisi, Georgia]

Yesterday, a select group of travel media were invited to watch an advance screening of the first episode (filmed in São Paulo, Brazil). I really dig the mix of content presented in the show’s roughly 25-minute format. Via a Zoom Q&A following the screening, I asked whether the formula will remain similar throughout season one. The answer: Most definitely not!

The connections—friendships, relationships, interactions, misunderstandings, understandings—have made travel transformative for Ernest. He hopes to inspire the transformational and inspirational aspects of travel through his show.

Season two was to have begun filming (in Tokyo) last month. Due to COVID-19, we hope that it won’t be too long before he’s able to get the new series filmed; watching FLY BROTHER makes us excited to get back on our own (future) travel adventures as well!

Ernest White II, Oneika Raymond in Toronto
[Ernest White II, Oneika Raymond in Toronto]

Appearing on the Travel Channel television series Destination Showdown and Jamaica: Bared, as well as in the 2013 documentary film about the dangers of mass tourism, Gringo Trails, Ernest also works as an actor on stage and screen; as a voice over artist for radio, audiobooks and educational materials; and speaks to youth and adult audiences about the incomparable magic of travel.

Mako Kavtaradze, Ernest White II in Tbilisi Georgia
[Mako Kavtaradze, Ernest White II in Tbilisi Georgia]

His writing has appeared in numerous publications, from Time Out London to Matador Network. A Florida native, Ernest has lived in five countries and has travelled to over 70. His favorite places include South Africa, São Paulo and San Francisco.

Photos by Pedro Serra.

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