Glory Days cast photos

Glory Days is a fun and sometimes tender romp through the post-adolescent reunion of four high school football team rejects: Will, Skip, Andy and Jack. Currently on at The Cultch’s Vancity Culture Lab, this 90-minute musical sees four university first year students living out recent memories of high school and beyond. The simple stage set of bleachers with a band performing the numbers in the background allows both the story and musical numbers to shine.

Glory Days is a modern tale that focuses on the coming out of one member of the merry group that not all four are willing to accept. The rest of the story deals with how the other three come to grips with this change. There are a couple of other small life changes that occur over that year apart, however the coming out is the focal point here.

According to the program notes, the cast of four happen to be close friends all equally excited to be working together in this production. All four are seasoned theater veterans who have appeared in many local productions to date.

Glory Days cast

I recommend this production for the strong vocal talent from Adam Charles (Will), Brandyn Eddy (Skip), Colin Sheen (Andy) and Darren Burkett (Jack). The four mesh well on stage and it’s a kick to remember the little things in high school that irked us all.

Glory Days is directed by actress/up-and-coming director Sara-Jeanne Hosie and is scored by Nick Blaemire.

Catch The Boys Upstairs production of Glory Days at The Cultch through January 28.

Photos courtesy of Paul H Wright.


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