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Summertime’s just around the corner, setting the stage for patios, BBQs and for me, sparkling drinks. I love sodas and champagne and suspect my affinity for beer is due to is fizziness. That’s why I was thrilled when Sodastream send me a Power Sparkling Water Maker for review. 
Sodastream’s become the benchmark for sparkling beverage machines. Competitors in this market include Cuisinart, Hamilton Beach and Primo but they’ve nowhere near the buzz factor as Sodastream. 

Sodastream Power

When premium brand KitchenAid aimed to add a beverage maker to their appliance lineup, they wisely partnered with Sodastream to ensure a product that worked as well as it looked. 
And speaking of looks, Sodastream Power boasts sleek and modern features thanks to Swedish designer Yves Béhar, a well-known sustainability advocate and chief creative officer at consumer tech company Jawbone. 

Sodastream Power

The Power comes in minimalist black or white with a stainless, anodized aluminum casing and three brushed metal fizz-selection buttons, all perched onto an uncomplicated metal base. 

The textured recess gives contrasting appeal to the glossy, smooth finish of the machine. Unlike some of its unpolished predecessors, the Power’s stylish design is an elegant fit for contemporary kitchens.

Sodastream Power
Like all Sodastreams, the Power is easy to use. Gently snap off the curved back panel and tilt in the 60L C02 bottle. Due to its design, this model will only accept 60L canisters. 

Another drawback is that like its name implies, the Power needs power (thus not great for taking on the road unless you have access to an outlet). A tiny recess in the back panel allows you thread the cord through to maintain a flush appearance. 

Gone are the days of hand-pumping carbonation, taking the guesswork of how fizzy your water will be (other Sodastream models such as Play and Source are manually-operated). 

Sodastream Power

Sodastream Power Starter Kit includes:

- Power Automatic Sparkling Water Maker with anodized aluminum finish

– 1L reusable BPA-free stainless-steel accented carbonating bottle

- 1 power adapter 

– 1 reusable Sodastream CO2 cylinder that makes up to 60L of sparkling water

Sodastream Power

On top are three carbonation buttons denoted by a series of water droplet icons. For added fizz, press the buttons two more times. Loading the bottle is a breeze too. The screw-lock design of some earlier models were awkward and laborious.

The Power features a snap-lock mechanism that operates with a simple upward, forward-and-click motion that secures the bottle in place. After filling the bottle with water, effortlessly choose a fizz level and watch the machine do the work. The snug-fitting bottle cap will keep your newly-carbonated beverage fresh for several days.   
I prefer highly-effervesced drinks so the 60L canister only produces about 40L for me. While I enjoy my sparkling water with just a squeeze of citrus, Sodastream also offers over 100 flavours of syrup if you’re truly wanting a soda fix. I found these to be pricey (at $6 to $8 per bottle) and no healthier than traditional sugary drinks.

Sodastream Power
As an alternative, I began experimenting with liquid water enhancers, Kool-Aid and frozen juice concentrates. My findings? They all work just fine! The most important factor is good, chilled water. Start with water that you like the taste of, whether filtered, tap or boiled.

Since liquid molecules move slower in cold temperatures, more gas can be absorbed, ensuring a fizzier end product.

Sodastream Power

The Sodastream Power adds a chic element to modern kitchen countertops. Making your own soda at home with reusable bottles is also beneficial to the environment, although I do wish that more than one bottle was supplied in the kit (additional accessories are available).

Sodastream Power Sodastream Power

Overall I’m delighted with the look, feel and operation of the Sodastream Power and am eager to experiment with more flavours. 

The SodaStream Power retails for CAD $199.99 and is available online and at London Drugs stores. With exception of top image, all photos by Cora Li.

About Our Contributor Cora Li

Cora Li

Cora dabbles in arts, technology, food, and travel. She loves that Vancouver offers a vast playground for exploring all of her passions. Cora’s most memorable job to date was working with VANOC during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.


  • Comment by Hans — April 13, 2017 @ 5:59 am

    We love sodastream and our favorite model is fountain jet! However, Sodastream Power looks sweet too, we might try getting one of it to compare! Thanks for sharing

  • Comment by Ariane Colenbrander — April 13, 2017 @ 10:15 am

    Hi Hans,
    Thanks for visiting our site and reading up on our Sodastream experience!

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