Suzanne Teresa, Levi Sampson. Photo by Alec Watson

An Insider’s guide to business travel and international culture is coming to television this month with CHEK TV’s new series “Sky’s the Limit”.

Sky’s the Limit brings a fresh look at the world of business travel, dining, arts, and culture, with two hosts who epitomize young, successful business people. Levi Sampson, President and part owner of Nanaimo’s largest private employer, HARMAC Pacific, and Suzanne Teresa, acclaimed photographer and owner of ST Photoworks, navigate the world of business travel and give audiences an inside look at can’t miss events and attractions for the business traveler.

The new show will premiere on September 17 at 8:30 pm PST on CHEK.
This non-fiction, half-hour television series features Levi and Suzanne interacting with accomplished personalities from around the world, who can relay to audiences the nuances about the history, customs, food, culture and lifestyles of the cities they visit. They take us inside some of the best sights for business travelers who have limited time to explore—a compact guide to each city’s finest offerings.
Some of the world-renowned places featured in the premiere season include Sydney, Melbourne, The Island of Tanna (Vanuatu), Montreal, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, and the resort town Tofino.

At each destination, the vibrant hosts touch on international business etiquette, unique personalities in specific industries, dining guides and local activities. Along the way, Levi and Suzanne will also challenge themselves with team building activities in each region—whether it be scaling a mountain, a bridge or a volcano—and gain priceless life experiences together.
This is a must-see for professionals and family travelers alike. Take a sneak peek into Season 1’s first episode.

About the Hosts

Levi Sampson is president and part owner of Nanaimo’s largest private employer, HARMAC Pacific. Levi is a fresh face in the pulp industry and was instrumental in saving HARMAC from being permanently shut down in the summer of 2008. His efforts included an impassioned speech before the B.C. Supreme Court, and his success has even inspired an upcoming feature film. Along with Levi’s involvement at HARMAC Pacific, he is also part owner of CHEK Television and sits as Chairman of the Board.
Suzanne Teresa’s favorite quote: “To be the change you wish to see in the world, first you must open your eyes. Next, go see the world and take lots of pictures.” For her, this is so much more than words; it is how she lives her life and nourishes her passion for photography.

Spending the first half of her life in Ontario, Suzanne moved to BC at 14. This move wetted her appetite for photography and she began taking pictures forming a visual daily diary. This in turn fueled her interest in photography and in 2001 she founded ST Photoworks. The next few years of learning would earn Suzanne two Agfa Photography Awards and culminate in 2005 in an Arts degree. Focusing on advertising and editorial portraiture, her studio opened and became a dynamic creative space for shooting and experimenting, working with talented hair and make-up artists and models around the globe.
Director Arwen Hunter pushes the boundaries of non-fiction storytelling. She helms projects that take her from the centre of the vast Pacific Ocean to crossing Canada at 500ft in a bush plane. Hunter has produced projects for History Television, the Lifetime Network, CBC North and Victoria’s CHEK Television, often interviewing A-list talent including Harrison Ford and Kim Bassinger.

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