With the cold, wet weather we’ve been having, it’s easier to stay indoors and get some cleaning underway. We try to use as few chemicals as possible when we clean home and tech accessories. E-Cloth, makers of sustainable textile cleaning products for over two decades, has expanded its product line since we first became fans of their glass cleaning cloth.


This isn’t your standard microfiber cloth. Because they’re produced with a heavier industrial-strength microfiber fabric, E-Cloth’s eco-friendly cloths can be washed 100 times (a year on average). They can be air- or tumble-dried and safely work their magic with water. E-Cloths are effective at removing bacteria, pollen, mold and other debris from surfaces.

The product range covers showers, floors, mirrors, gadgets, stainless steel appliances, eyewear, ear buds, and even facial cleansing!

We received an assortment of products to check out around our home (and in the case of the Windshield Haze Eraser, our car).


Earbuds Cleaner Kit

The kit includes five microfiber swabs and a polishing cloth, without the need for any chemical cleaners to come close to your ears! The tiny white pouch stores everything for easy-to-port cleaning on the go. CAD $10.99/USD $8.99


Electronics Cloth

E-Cloth has designed this soft, protective cloth to remove over 99% of bacteria from phones, tablets and other small electronic gadgets. You can rest assured that no chemicals are coming between your ears and smart phone. This cloth can be used either dry or slightly dampened. Once it gets dirty enough to wash, just put it into the machine with hot water and a little detergent. CAD $4.99/USD $3.99


Eyeglasses Cloth

Similar in design and functionality as the Electronics Cloth, the Eyeglasses version is designed specifically for eyewear. CAD $4.99/USD $3.99


Face Cleansing Pads

E-Cloth’s box of six reusable pads will remove makeup, oil and dirt from your face without the need for an endless supply of cotton balls and pads. They have a soft brushed texture that’s gentle on the skin.


When done using, just rinse and wring the cleansing pad then hang dry. They’re guaranteed to last 100 washes/one year when used as advised. CAD $24.99/USD $16.99


General Purpose Cloth 4-Pack

These are the very cloths that made us E-Cloth fans! These last a long time: We’ve had ours for a few years and use them daily in the bathroom and on glass surfaces. They’re available in both 4- and 16-packs (16-packs in the US only). 4-pack, CAD $29.99/USD $19.99 (16-pack, USD $32.99)


Range & Stovetop Cleaning Kit

When you consider how many products are on the market to clean kitchen ranges and stovetops, it’s a breath of fresh air to be able to clean them simply with a damp cloth and water. Use the striped side to clean, then polish up with its grey glass and polishing partner. CAD $18.99/USD $14.99


Screen Cleaning Cloth

For TV screens, tablets, laptops, monitors and smart phones comes the E-Cloth Screen Cleaning Cloth. This soft, white cloth is a great alternative to chemical screen cleaners around the home and office. CAD $8.99/USD $7.99


Shower Cleaning Kit

This two-piece kit (cleaning cloth, polishing cloth) is designed to remove grime and limescale from shower glass and chrome and does so brilliantly. We’ve been using it on a near-daily basis and in doing so, avoid having to do a heavier cleaning with liquid cleaners. It ships with a handy suction hook to hang the cleaning cloth to dry between uses. CAD $18.99/USD $14.99


Stainless Steel Cleaning Kit

Another great two-piece cloth kit, this one designed specially for cleaning stainless steel (striped side) and polished (solid side) stainless steel appliances. We’ve had success using this on brushed surfaces (stove, dishwasher, fridge) as well as on stainless steel accents on our toaster. CAD $18.99/USD $14.99


Windshield Haze Eraser

This palm-sized “eraser” will soak up windshield moisture from cold nights where windows get misty. The two-sided Windshield Haze Eraser serves to both soak up moisture and to spot clean. CAD $12.99/USD $11.99

Washing Instructions

All E-Cloth items above can be machine-washed as needed using a little detergent. E-Cloths will also benefit from an occasional hot wash at high temperature or by placing in a pot of boiling water. Avoid using bleach as it will damage the fibers and fabric softener as it will diminish performance.

E-Cloth offers free standard shipping within the contiguous US for orders over $69. Shipping to Canada is based on distance and carrier speed. Products can be ordered individually or in bundles. There’s also a 30-day exchange/money back policy in place. Visit E-Cloth online for the entire range of products.

In Canada, E-cloth products can be found at Bed Bath & Beyond, HomeSense, Goodness Me! and William Ashley, and online at Walmart, Well.ca and Amazon.

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