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I’ve been a far-away admirer of the Eastvan streets t-shirts, and have often wondered where the shirts got their original start. The street shirt is loosely based on Dutch designers Experimental Jetset’s iconic Beatles shirt.

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I recently visited Sharks+Hammers, the Gastown shop founded in 2009 by Rob Geary. Geary’s a born and bred East Vancouverite whose neighbourhood pride combined with his interest in both graphic design and DIY culture lead him to create the now popular streets shirt. He founded the in-house clothing line Welcome To Eastvan, later partnering with Sharks+Hammers owners Alex Usow and Mark Brand. Together they’ve been on a mission to spread the spirit of community and raise pride for the city in which they reside. 

The shop’s filled with apparel, shoes, and cool design objects.

kits shirt
[Welcome to Kitsilano!]

Wanting to share the street love across town, Alex agreed to print a shirt based on my chosen list of Kitsilano streets. Printed on 100% cotton t-shirts, this ode to my beachy hood is now available by request and retails for $35. I will be rocking the shirt at the upcoming Pecha Kucha Night’s Volume 21 (sold out), where Alex will be giving a short talk on creative inspiration, PK style.

Sharks+Hammers is located at 54 Alexander Street in Vancouver.

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