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I confess that it’s been quite some time since my last dinner at Fable Kitchen, so my husband and me decided brunch at Fable was in order, especially given the fact that the Kitsilano restaurant would be closing its doors for the holiday week.

Fable Kitchen opening-1

Since their opening last May, Fable has been a pretty busy little restaurant. Chef Trevor Bird has a reason to smile, as he’s likely one of the most talked about and busiest chefs in Vancouver this year. The Montreal native ended Season Two’s Top Chef Canada with runner-up honours.

On a busy weekend leading to Christmas, we headed over just past the restaurant’s 10:30 am opening. Several tables were already occupied, but we were luckily seated right away at a table within close proximity to Chef Trevor and his team.

Fable Menu

The coffees are rich and full of flavour (we ordered Americanos). While my husband decided on the Fable Eggs with rustic bread, lardons, mushrooms, potatoes, kale and tomato jam ($12), I tried the scrambled eggs with Curtis Luk’s brioche, served with sautéed spinach, bacon, and parmesan ($12). Chef Curtis was a fellow Top Chef Canada contestant who’s made his way to Vancouver to join Fable’s culinary team.

Fable Kitchen/Scrambled eggs, Curtis' brioche, rosti, spinach/bacon, parmesan foam

This wonderful dish is my primary reason for writing this post and has become hands-down my favourite brunch dish in the city. That foamy parmesan top keeps a cool head above warm scrambled eggs and the rest in the little jar that it’s served in.

Fable Kitchen/Scrambled eggs, Curtis' brioche, rosti, spinach/bacon, parmesan foam

From the slightly crunchy, mildly sweet homemade brioche to the fluffy eggs, delightfully herbed rosti with chive butter, and spinach and bacon gracing the eggs, I was in heaven. The layering keeps the eggs at a good temperature while the soft parmesan can top the bread or be eaten with the eggs. Either way, the combination of flavours and textures made this brunch into an experience that I aim to dig into many more times.

By the way, we were able to purchase a jar of Fable’s slightly sweet, rich tomato jam to take home. We’ve been enjoying it with toast and eggs over the past week. Jars of fruit preserves are also available in a variety of sizes.

As we headed out, I asked chef Trevor if he has plans to travel back east during Fable’s week off. None whatsoever was his reply, happy to stay close to home and take some much-needed downtime. And then he returned to his mixing bowl, preparing for the morning’s next order.

Fable Kitchen is located at 1944 West 4th Avenue and will resume regular hours on January 3, serving up dinner from 5:30 pm and weekend brunch from 10:30 am to 2 pm.

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