Logiix fall tech products

Whether you’re headed back to school, work or on the road, we’ve rounded up a bunch of fun and useful gadgets from our friends at LOGiiX, from padded laptop sleeves to a tripod for smartphones. Here’s our pick for this season.

Logiix Tripod


This compact, bendy tripod reminds me of JOBY’s Gorilla Pods but instead of the flexible balls, there’s three legs of half-circle elements that can bend and shape your camera angle with both a 90-degree tilt and 360-degree rotation.

Logiix Tripod

A knob on the side tightens and loosens the ball inside while a quick-release tab makes dismounting a lot easier.

Logiix Tripod

The LOGiiX tripod holds smart phones and small and medium-sized digital cameras up to 1 kg (2.2 lb.). The included flexible clamp mounts your smartphone to the plate, great for quick time-lapse, self-timed and slo-mo videos. $34.99

Logiix Piston Power 6000

Piston Power 6000

This sleek, aluminum-finish 6000mAh battery pack is a must when on the go. It’ll charge for 500 cycles, has overcharging protection, will charge most USB devices with a four-hour charge time and comes in a bunch of cool colours to match your gear.

Logiix Piston Power 6000

On the bottom is a series of LED lights that indicates the amount of power left (4 lights = 100%, 3 lights = 75%, 2 lights = 50%, 1 light = 25%).

Logiix Piston Power 6000

We only wish the Piston Power came with a case as the finish may scratch over time, but other than that, it’s been working like a charm for us. It ships with a white 30 cm (1 ft.) micro USB charging cable. Look for this travel essential in turquoise, gold, rose gold, graphite grey, silver and black. $39.99

Logiix Blue Piston

Blue Piston V2

This is the updated version of the original Blue Piston and LOGiiX has definitely given this baby a design upgrade! The Blue Piston V2 delivers eight hours of music, a bass-bumping 52mm sound driver as well as a built-in, high-quality mic.

Press the button on the bottom to pause tunes to answer/end incoming phone calls or hold the button to reject a call (or to redial the previous number).

Logiix Blue Piston Volume 2

The Blue Piston V2 now sports a rubberized port access on back (auxiliary, USB) instead of direct ports in the previous version. As well, the on/off button is no longer on the back but on the bottom.

Logiix Blue Piston V2 Logiix Blue Piston Volume 2

With durable aluminum housing, high quality sound output and included micro USB charging and 3.5mm auxiliary cables, the Blue Piston V2 packs a lot of sound in a small footprint. It’s available in rose gold, graphite grey, silver and blue. $49.99

Logiix Tour sleeve

Tour (padded sleeve for 13” devices)

Looking for a way to carry your 13” laptop or iPad Pro? LOGiiX offers Tour, a fully-padded canvas sleeve with a sturdy carrying handle on top plus a main pocket for smart phones, cables, even an iPad Mini.

Logiix Tour sleeve

It’s suitable for MacBook 2015/2016, MacBook Pro 13”, iPad Pro 12.9”, Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Samsung Chromebook Plus, Lenovo Yoga 910 and most 13” laptops and tablets.

Logiix Tour sleeve Logiix Tour sleeve

We like that it’s a step above your typical neoprene sleeve and comes in a choice of three colours: blue, grey or midnight. $39.99

Logiix World Traveler II

World Traveler II

We’re fans of LOGiiX world adaptors; they’re stackable and in the case of the World Traveler II, will work in over 100 countries (North America, UK, Europe, Australia).

Logiix World Traveler II

This four-piece set snaps together and includes a drawstring pouch for popping into your luggage, backpack or purse.

Logiix World Traveler II

Ours is in mint, but it also comes in blue, black and white. Having this spiffy adaptor makes spontaneous off-season travel a lot handier! $19.99

Logiix World Traveler II

If one or all of these items fit your needs, we’ve got a cool deal going with LOGiiX. Just use the code VANSCAPE30 when paying online and you’ll get 30% off on any of the above products!

All prices quoted in Canadian dollars. Non-watermarked images courtesy of LOGiiX. This post produced in partnership with LOGiiX.

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