Western Gold Theatre’s Anna Hagan and Terence Kelly; photo by Chris van der Schyf

Anna Hagan and Terence Kelly are no strangers to the theater world. Anna’s worked in television, film, and theatre for over four decades (as well as directing radio productions for CBC Radio) while Terence Kelly’s appeared in too many television shows and films to name (with appearances in The X-Files, Stargate SG-1, and Smallville), on top of a respectable theatre career.

Both are Toronto born and live in Vancouver where they continue to stay active in theatre (Anna’s the current Artistic Director of Western Gold Theatre Society and appears in the upcoming play, Relatively Speaking).

I arranged an interview by email to ask the couple a few questions ahead of the show’s run.

Anna Hagan and Terence Kelly accepting GVPTA Career Achievement Jessie Award
[Anna Hagan and Terence Kelly accept GVPTA Career Achievement Jessie Award]

First off, congratulations on your recent GVPTA Career Achievement Jessie Award. I’m sure it was a memorable moment for you both.
A. Thank you very much! Yes, after a long career, much of it spent working together as directors and performers, it was quite thrilling and emotional to be acknowledged by our peers and be applauded for the work that we continue to do with Western Gold Theatre.

Q: I’d like to start off by asking what motivated you to bring this production to Vancouver?

A. What motivated us to bring Relatively Speaking to Vancouver is the fact that it’s a classic comedy by one of the foremost playwrights of our time, Alan Ayckbourn. The story is a wonderful balance of hilarity and mistaken identity between an older couple and a younger couple which is part of Western Gold’s mandate – to have senior performers work with and mentor younger future stars. Western Gold Theatre gives senior performers the opportunity to use the skills they have honed throughout their careers.

Q: Can you talk a bit about Western Gold Theatre and how it’s benefitted senior performers?

A. As well as full scale productions such as Relatively Speaking, Western Gold Theatre also presents staged readings of large-cast plays, seldom seen anymore, thereby allowing us to mix the skills and the energy of both senior and younger artists.

Q: Is there a play out there you’ve yet to perform or produce that you’ve not yet done to date?

A. Yes, indeed. We are working on a new play which is very exciting. We have had two workshops already. The play is cast and with one more workshop left to do, we will be producing it next fall. The play is called ‘After Love, Life‘ and speaks to the challenges women of all ages experience when confronted with the loss of their spouse. It is poignant, humourous, and the five women involved are spectacular.

Q: Your favourite city to take in theatre?

A. Outside of Vancouver theatre, I would have to say that London is my favourite play-going city.

Western Gold Theatre presents Alan Ayckbourn’s smart and saucy farce, Relatively Speaking, from October 31 to December 1 at the PAL Studio Theatre in Coal Harbour. Directed by Anthony F. Ingram, the cheeky, riotous work follows a pair of couples – one long married, one young and newly cohabiting – who find themselves frantically navigating a tangled web of mistaken identity, misunderstanding, and secret adultery on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

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