Gaiam Anti-Fatigue Mat

So you’ve invested in a standing desk and are starting to feel your feet tire as you switch from standing to sitting during the day. You’re not alone! Many of us have taken the plunge and gotten into the standup desk lifestyle during the pandemic, but it doesn’t have to mean sore feet in return.

Gaiam Anti-Fatigue Mat

GAIAM’s Anti-Fatigue Mat, in a neutral grey colour, is designed to relieve pressure on your feet, knees and joints. The mat comes rolled in a box, which will flatten with use.

GAIAM anti-fatigue mat-2

The top texture helps grip your feet while the bottom texture prevents the mat from slipping, even on hardwood floors. It also contains a nice beveled edge to keep the mat from curling.

Gaiam Anti-Fatigue Mat

This anti-fatigue mat is easy to clean with a damp cloth and can be easily moved to the side when you switch over to sitting. At 20″W x 32″L x 18mm thick, GAIAM’s mat offers a good size for a comfortable stance.

GAIAM anti-fatigue mat

Visit GAIAM online for ordering and to view their entire collection of yoga and wellness gear. USD $64.98

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