GIB Pumpkin Ale launch

Last night, I attended Granville Island Brewery’s limited-release Pumpkin Ale tasting party.

GIB Pumpkin Ale launch

Three beers were introduced, poured, and paired with specially-selected Benton Brothers Cheeses:

English Bay Pale Ale, a mild beer that paired with Benton Brothers Baluchon, a lightly coloured, creamy cheese, Kitsilano Maple Cream Ale, paired with Benton Brothers’ Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar, marrying the cheese’s sharpness with the caramel-like smoothness of the ale, and finally, the Pumpkin Ale, served together with a Cave-Aged Gruyère.

The nuttiness of the cheese complemented the ale’s mild clove spice and deep flavour, as compared to the first two lighter beers.

GIB Pumpkin Ale launch

I enjoy coming out to Granville Island Brewery events as there’s always a good crowd of beer lovers as well as social media folk who enjoy the camaraderie of local get-togethers.

GIB Pumpkin Ale launch

Thanks to Granville Island Brewery for letting us have the first crack at this year’s fine autumn brew!

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