Dyson Omni-glide

What if you took Dyson’s classic cordless vacuum and turned it into a lightweight, mini version? You’d get their latest innovation, the Omni-glide. This handy little chargeable vacuum snaps together in three main sections — the Omni-directional cleaner head (with two motorized soft rollers), the core/snap-in battery and the wand that connects the two.

Dyson OmniGlide-2
[What’s in the box]

Out the of package, the Omni-glide includes all components, combi-crevice tool, plus an illustrated manual and safety feature brochure. It’s super easy to set up and comes with two mounting options – self-adhesive mounting strips and screws – for placing the vacuum up against the wall when charging with the wall dock.

Dyson Omni-glide

Once pieced together, the first thing we notice is how light this machine is, handy for when navigating hard-to-reach spots around the home, including stairs.

Hard floors attract a lot of dust balls in the nooks and crannies, so having the multi-directional cleaner head is a real plus. This compact machine will even lay flat when in use, to reach under the bed and the sofa.

Dyson Omni-glide

Another convenience due to its size is not having to move chairs around under the table while vacuuming. You can pretty much aim the cleaner head in any direction and it will go where you need it to!

Dyson Omni-glide Dyson Omni-glide
[Using the combi-crevice tool]

The operation is simple via the two buttons on the front of the handle — on/off and mode (eco or max). By clicking out the main wand and swapping it with the combi-crevice tool, you can turn the Omni-glide into a hand-held vacuum.

Dyson Omni-glide

And much like its larger, cordless siblings, the Omni-glide empties accumulated dust and particles via a click of the red colour-coordinated buttons, which also smartly line up for ease in putting the vacuum together. In addition, this machine’s bin, filter, soft roller cleaner head and crevice tool are all washable with warm soapy water.

Dyson OmniGlide-3
[Dyson Omni-glide battery]

As for the battery, Dyson promises 20 minutes of hand-held (and 18 minutes of floor) use on a single charge via four lithium-ion cells. For larger homes, an additional battery (CAD $149) can be purchased as well.

Dyson OmniGlide

Key Specs

Charge time: 3.5 hours
Run time: Up to 20 minutes
Height: 107.7 cm (42.4 in)
Weight: 1.9 kg (4.1 lb)
Bin volume: 0.2L (6.76 oz)

If there was one thing that could make this powerful little vacuum even better, it would be the addition of a battery level indicator at eye level while using.

[Omni-glide roller heads]

The Omni-glide is available at Dyson Demo Stores in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto and online and retails for CAD $499.99.

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