Cupcake Vodka Launch at V Lounge-7

Cupcake Vodka held a launch party last night at Earl’s V Lounge in Yaletown. With summer finally in full swing, we were treated to an array of specially created cocktails made with Cupcake Vodka’s original flavoured vodka.

Cupcake Vodka Launch at V Lounge
[Cupcake Vodka cocktail selection]

Cupcake Vodka Launch at V Lounge-2

There’s three other vodkas that will soon hit Vancouver shelves: Lemon Chiffon, Frosting, and Devil’s Food. For now, the Original vodka can be found at Legacy Liquor.

Cupcake Vodka Launch at V Lounge-3

Of course no Cupcake Vodka party would be complete without cupcakes! Cupcakes by Heather & Lori provided a beautiful selection of tasty and colourful treats to enjoy with the refreshing cocktails.

Cupcake Vodka Launch at V Lounge-8

I tried two of the four cocktails being served: The Ginger Peach Fizz (Cupcake Vodka with house made ginger syrup and fresh white peach puree) and the Hot Tropic (Vodka Collins with fresh pineapple, orange, and in my case, muddled mint in place of jalapeño).

Cupcake Vodka cocktails
[Ginger Peach Fizz, Hot Tropic]

Both were easy sippers though the Hot Tropic’s flavours were heightened with that added mint.

Cupcake Vodka Launch at V Lounge-5

Sushi, beef carpaccio, and other Earl’s signature appetizers made their way around the upstairs lounge overlooking the busy street life below.

Cupcake Vodka Launch at V Lounge-6

It was nice to mingle with fellow cocktail lovers as well as taste a new product that’s sure to gain momentum once the fancy flavours hit our city.

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