Clearly Derek Cardigan prescription sunnies

Last year, I was finally faced with needing prescription eyewear. My husband’s been a long-time contact lens customer at Clearly, but I’m not (yet) comfortable with the idea of putting those tiny things onto my eyes each day. I’ve watched my husband put them on and take them off — something that I’m sure becomes second nature after awhile.

For a creative person such as myself, glasses always seemed the most natural way to show off personality! I’ve eyed them in shops over the years, knowing this time would come (yes, I saw the pun back there). When Clearly opened its doors a couple of years back in Kitsilano (our hood), I started peeping into the window to check out the latest collections.

Derek Cardigan frames in dark tortoise, azure brown, black
[Top to bottom: Derek Cardigan 7040’s in Dark Tortoise, Azure Brown, Black with three wood finishes]

I got my first prescription glasses there (a nifty pair of Michael Kors with a subtle, deep blue patterned frame). During my visit, I saw a couple of women trying on Derek Cardigan frames, in fact recalling one of them asking where the Cardigan collection was when they entered the shop.

Just who IS Derek Cardigan, you might ask? That name-dropping encounter at the shop got me curious too. An online search brought me to the Canadian-Filipino designer who has an exclusive contract with Clearly.

A 2005 Vancouver Community College grad, Cardigan went on to study animation at Vanarts, later working at Clearly (back when it was still called Clearly Contacts) as a merchandiser.

Derek Cardigan 7040 black and dark tortoise

His first foray into eyewear came in 2010, with seven styles (currently up to 107). He branded and since then his personal ‘math geek’ touches (including a multiplication sign on the front of one side, a division sign on the other) have graced the well-priced designer line ever since.

Derek Cardigan model 7040 sunglasses

As we’re currently planning our Hawaii mid-winter escape, I was recently invited to choose from Derek’s line, selecting model 7040 in Azure Brown. These unisex-branded frames come with a choice of three styles of wood and frames: Dark tortoise, Azure brown and black. They’ve got a slightly retro, slightly classic frame shape and are comfortable to wear.

Derek Cardigan model 7040 sunglasses

Like many of Clearly’s frames, these can be customized for either indoor wear or as sunglasses. I have a light prescription but have come to accept that driving (and reading small print on screens at a distance) are straining my eyes.

Clearly Derek Cardigan sunglasses

These are pretty lightweight and are neutral enough in colour scheme to match most of my wardrobe. Clearly offers packages with a Durable Air or Advance Thin Air polarized lens, premium coatings (anti-reflective, UVA/UVB protective, scratch resistant; available in a bundle of three or separately) and with single-vision or progressive prescription options.

Derek Cardigan model 7040 sunglasses

Derek Cardigan’s Sun 7040 Azure Brown and Dark Tortoise frames are priced at CDN $139 (though it’s currently on sale for $119 via Clearly online). The Black model is $169 (on sale for $139). Find more of Derek Cardigan frames and other collections at Clearly online.

This post produced in partnership with Clearly.

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