Womens Joey Jacket

I just received the Joey Jacket, with the goal of helping me travel lighter. I was also thrilled to discover that it’s the perfect jacket for when I’m home in Vancouver.

The Joey Jacket — named after the young kangaroo due to its numerous functional pockets — is made by Global Travel Clothing Company. The jacket began as a Kickstarter campaign and is now available for ordering online.

Womens Joey Jacket

Designed for Vancouver Weather

A perfect Vancouver jacket, of course, has to stand up to the rain. But it should be breathable too, as the weather here can switch from chilly downpour to warm sunshine in minutes.

The Joey Jacket is made of medium-weight, water-resistant nylon and the fabric is soft to the touch. Water beads off it beautifully and there’s a removable hood. When I was caught out without my umbrella I was just fine; when I was accidentally sprayed with puddle water by an inconsiderate driver, I just popped the jacket into the washer and dryer.

Its one of the few jackets that doesn’t require special cleaning instructions.

Womens Joey Jacket

The jacket is great practically year round in Vancouver. Global Travel Company says that the jacket is ready for three temperature ranges when worn alone or with their zip-in fleece liner. I’ve worn the Joey Jacket (without liner, but with a sweater) at 3℃ and was perfectly comfortable.

When I get chilly, I slip the cuffs over the tops of my hands and my thumbs through the thumb holes — warm hands and I’m still able to use my phone. With the outrageously long winter we’ve had this year, I even cinched the waist cord a couple times to prevent cool air from rising up under the coat.

The Joey Jacket has kept me comfortable on planes, during a freezing airport layover in Ethiopia and on a cloudy day in equatorial Uganda. When it gets warmer, I can unzip the side vents for more air circulation and even take off the sleeves. I can see myself wearing this on a breezy day in July for a walk along the Seawall.

Womens Joey Jacket


– Two iPad/book pockets
– Two water bottle straps
– Two hidden pockets
– Two sunglasses pockets
– Earphone holders
– Detachable hood
– Microfiber cloth
– Built-in eye mask
– Waist adjuster
– Cuffs with thumb holes
– Water resistant
– Built-in luggage strap
– Zip-off sleeves
– Side vents
– Optional zip-in Polar fleece liner

Perfect Pockets

My initial attraction to the Joey Jacket was its multiple pockets: 14 in total. I’m on planes a lot and like to travel light, so I really wanted a piece of clothing to stash all my stuff. The Joey Jacket has pockets for almost any purpose, and I can spread things around so my shoulders aren’t carrying all the weight.

The outside pockets have a water-resistant liner so that sudden rainstorm and car splash mentioned above didn’t ruin my phone. One pocket even comes with a microfibre cleaning cloth so I can wipe water droplets off my glasses.

Womens Joey Jacket

Many of the Joey Jacket’s pockets are hidden, so I can safely store my passport and wallet, my sunglasses and even my iPad. The large pockets have a velcro divider to keep smaller items from flopping around, and there’s an elastic strap in each to keep a water bottle upright. Yes, I can carry both an iPad and a water bottle in my jacket. And of course all the pockets zip up, so there’s no chance of stuff raining all over the place when I go through airport security.

The Joey Jacket designers have thought of everything — including a cable routing pocket so headphone cords don’t get tangled or lost. The slot fits a pen too, when I need to have one handy.

Mens Joey Jacket
[The Joey Jacket for men]

The hood has an eye shade to make sleeping on planes easier. There are two loops to attach a carabiner so I can hang anything I want off it. The Joey Jacket even has a pocket on each sleeve ideal for a Compass Card or hotel key card: I can flash my arm by the Skytrain’s RFID reader instead of having to take the card out of my pocket. Brilliant!

The Joey Jacket has become my everyday Vancouver jacket. And when I’m off to the airport, I don’t resemble a walking suitcase when I’ve overloaded the pockets for travel.

Womens Joey Jacket

Joey Jackets retail for US $189 and are available for men and women. Colours for the soft-shell version are black, red and blue in sizes to XXL (women get an extra size choice of XXXL).

The author received the jacket at a discount, but all views are her own and the company neither reviewed or approved her text. Photos by Global Travel Company.  

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