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On a sunny Vancouver weekend morning, there’s nothing more enjoyable than heading out on your bike with brunch as the end reward. We recently cycled over to Davie Street’s charming La Brasserie to try their brunch service.

Handy that there’s a bike rack right in front of this popular Davie Village dining spot. While La Brasserie’s been open for close to eight years, their brunch service had taken a couple years off and is now back just in time for summer.

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The restaurant is known for French-German cuisine, with veal schnitzel and homemade sauerkraut, späetzle and steak frites on the dinner menu.

As we browse the small yet varied brunch menu with cocktails in hand, we’ve a great view of German native Executive Chef Kai Sengewitz and his team working away in the open kitchen.

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This is a small, intimate space with just under a dozen tables yet the light, airy restaurant exudes old-world charm via the menus posted on the walls and chandelier up above. Daylight reaches just about every corner of the room.

Lillet Spritz, Kir Royale
[Lillet Spritz, Kir Royale]

We begin with two colourful concoctions: a Lillet Spritz (Lillet, limoncello, OJ, sparkling wine) and a Kir Royale (Crème de Cassis, sparkling wine).

The signature Brasserie Burger catches my husband’s attention and it’s a stacked meat lovers delight when it arrives at our table. Midway through our meal, we’ve noticed a few more of these champs making their way into the hands of other diners.

Brasserie Burger

Ground hanger steak, bacon, a heaping portion of crispy onions, white cheddar and truffled aioli make up what’s likely the most popular item on the menu. The steak frites are done just right though a bit on the salty side, served with homemade ketchup.

Chicken Mornay Crepes

I’ve ordered the Chicken Mornay crepes, with pulled rotisserie chicken, mushrooms, Gruyére and Mornay sauce topped with a few greens. The smooth and decadent flavours combine nicely, the greens adding a bit of bite to the soft crepe and chicken flavours.

Other brunch favourites include breakfast poutine, French toast with rhubarb-strawberry sauce, lamb cheek sliders, suckling pig and eggs and a daily omelet. There’s a half dozen side dishes to share or accompany your brunch too (poached eggs, mixed greens, frites, baguette, bacon, roasted potatoes). Mains are priced at between $14 and $19.

Dinner looks worthy of a repeat visit. One tempting dish on the board during our visit: Bacon-wrapped halibut with white bean flageolet. Beer lovers will want to check out the European beer flight to pair up with dinner (four sampler pours, $12).

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Europop and classic French tunes play on the speakers at a volume enjoyable enough to avoid the need to shout in order to carry on conversation.

Service was friendly and easygoing, even as the restaurant filled up to capacity by 11 am on a Sunday. The crowd’s a healthy mix of locals and tourists alike.

Located at 1091 Davie Street in Vancouver, La Brasserie is open for dinner (closed Mondays) and weekend brunch.

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