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Wintercoast, the Samar Oriental Dance Ensemble, and punk legend Joe Keithley are set to share the Vancouver FanClub stage later this month for an end-of-summer Amnesty International fundraiser. Amnesty International is a worldwide movement comprising over three million people dedicated to the promotion and protection of human rights.

“There is long history of musicians and other artists supporting Amnesty International through concerts and campaign support, especially around our work to defend freedom of expression and dissent”, according to Don Wright, a Vancouver-based regional coordinator for Amnesty International.
Over 100 international recording artists recently signed an Amnesty International open letter calling for the release of two jailed members of the Russian punk group Pussy Riot. Last year, more than 50 solo artists and bands recorded Bob Dylan songs for Amnesty International, resulting in the release of a 4-CD set entitled “Chimes of Freedom.”

Over the past year, Wintercoast has honed their sound into something they can truly call their own. Having started off as a folk rock band, the band’s mantra has always been “the crowd has to be dancing”. Now, after several lineup and instrumentation changes, the band holds to that while at the same time expanding their sound to include heavy lead guitar and keyboard hooks.

“We are honoured to play Amnesty International’s fundraiser. The work they do around the clock to support human rights is incredible,” say the members of Wintercoast. “We hope to bring lively and danceable music to the FanClub as we celebrate and promote all the good that is being done and that will be done in the future by Amnesty.”
Joe Keithley is the founder of D.O.A. Canada’s legendary Punk Kings, who helped spread punk rock counterculture around the world. For over two decades, D.O.A. has been happily slashing away at all manner of philosophical enemies. They’ve travelled the globe almost continuously since forming in 1978, releasing their first snarling piece of vinyl, the “Disco Sucks” EP in June of that year.

D.O.A. has been cited as a major influence for bands ranging from The Red Hot Chili Peppers to Green Day. D.O.A.’s sound incorporates rock ’n’ roll, reggae, metal, and ska.

[Samar Oriental Dance Ensemble]

“Samar” is an Arabic name for “evening conversation” or “night talk.” The Oriental Dance Ensemble “Samar” is made up of two passionate drummers (Liam MacDonald and Tim Gerwing), a melodious oud and flute player (Andre Thibault), and a joyful dancer (Ashley). Their music aims to engage and interact with the audience, the result being a fiery, percussive, and unexpected mix of artistic expression.

Amnesty International Summer Concert Fundraiser
Date: Wednesday, August 28; doors at 6:30 pm; show at 7
Venue: Vancouver FanClub, 1050 Granville Street, Vancouver
Tickets: $20; available online

All proceeds benefit Amnesty International’s global work to promote and protect human rights.

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