I came across an interesting series of comments this morning on Markzware’s blog. Adobe is interested in hearing what their audience thinks about a Creative Suite app for the iPad.

A lot of questions begin to form in my mind. Once a USB port becomes available for 2nd gen iPads, would it be convenient to carry around both the iPad and a digital drawing tablet (such as WACOM), plus stylus pen? Again, Adobe could integrate a stylus option when purchasing a potential Illustrator for the iPad app. Now THAT would be cool!

I could also see using InDesign with the iPad, but all three basic CS apps (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign) would have to be simplified in order to work with the tablet. Adobe Lightroom would benefit users wanting to professionally showcase their digital collections to clients or friends, taking it a notch or two above iPhoto.

I like Solecize’s comment regarding the iPad synching to a desktop machine when coming within close proximity to it.

Read the growing list of comments on the Markzware page and feel free to continue the comment stream both there and on this post. Additionally, John Nack’s blogspace has a great collection of comments going, each proposing something new and interesting for Adobe to ponder.

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