Callia flowers and Bordeaux

Imagine your doorbell ringing and a big turquoise box being handed to you filled with beautiful flowers. That’s precisely what we experienced last week when FedEx delivered a Callia bouquet to our home office.

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Launched in Winnipeg in 2016 and featured on Dragon’s Den, female-founded Callia prepares and delivers farm-fresh, fragrant bouquets for all occasions. Their flowers last longer because they’re stored in the cold-chain until delivered to keep the buds from opening until you open the box. Each delivery arrives with a couple of packets of liquid plant food to mix into the vase.

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The colourful Bordeaux bouquet, part of their current collection, features unique and long-lasting pincushion protea, chrysanthemums in rich jewel tones and luxurious burgundy leucodendron leaves. For texture, sweet hypericum berries, soft bunny tails and sweetly-scented eucalyptus are added to the mix.

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These creations last much longer than store-bought bouquets, as Callia’s team selects seasonal products and hand-ties them ready to place into a vase.

No need to re-arrange the blooms either: Just snip the stem bottoms diagonally and make sure the flowers fit just above the vase. Keep the twine on the bouquet as well to help maintain the arrangement design.

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Callia creates only three bouquet styles at a time every four to six weeks, based on what’s fresh and in season, which in turn provides super-fresh, great-value flowers that last for weeks. They’re delivered in a 100% recyclable box.

They’re open from Monday to Friday in the Greater Vancouver area and delivery stats at $9. Across Canada, find Callia in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario and The Maritimes.

They also offer regular delivery (with a choice of frequency of between one and nine weeks). Visit Callia online for details and to view their current assortment.

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Through the end of this year, Chateau de Courteillac Bordeaux has a promotion with Callia. On the bottle is a neck hanger with a unique code to receive a $5 discount off your first Callia bouquet order with delivery to over 36 cities across Canada.

Chateau de Courteillac Bordeaux has a bright ruby red colour with aromas of cherry, red currant, herb and plum, combined with notes of vanilla and spice. It’s a well-balanced wine from a region 20 minutes southeast of Saint-Emilion and 14km south of Castillon la Bataille, in the commune of Ruch.

This duo is a great idea for the holidays, whether you’re celebrating with family or thinking of sending your loved ones seasonal good tidings.

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