A couple of weeks ago, I relocated my first camera, stored for years in its case. The Kodak Instamatic 110 was a hip little gadget in its day, complete with stickers to personalize it.

What I hadn’t realized (or somehow forgotten about, maybe due to having received a newer camera?) was that a used roll of film sat in the camera for decades. I contacted London Drugs, and to my luck, 110 rolls are still processed locally.

Instamatic in box

It took about a week to get the photos back, but I’m happy to report that all 12 exposures were printed out!

Now, if I could only figure out the event I was at when these were taken. I’ve included three shots, the rest are subtle variations of these. To my closest approximation, it looks as though I was at a soccer event with my family.


You’ll have to imagine the rest of the colour spectrum in these photos. Unfortunately, due to the years, all the other colours have been lost.


1970's sporting event

I find it pretty remarkable that something photographed 35 years ago (give or take a couple) can still be produced on today’s machinery!

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