Majumder Manor on W Network

Just in time for summer, Corus Entertainment’s W Network is premiering two original series, Majumder Manor Season 2 and a new series, The Audience.

Majumder Manor returns to W as one of Canada’s most beloved comedic talents, Shaun Majumder, continues his quest to put his tiny hometown of Burlington, Newfoundland on the map — literally.

In Season 2 (filmed on location in Burlington), audiences catch up with Shaun and Shelby as they prepare to head back to Newfoundland for the summer – this time, as a newlywed couple.

Majumder Manor

After a spontaneous ceremony and brief honeymoon in the El Capitan Canyon, the couple find inspiration in the romantic high-end tents and cabins, taking the Majumder Manor project in a whole new direction. The summer plan now has two clear objectives: “re-vitalize” Burlington with a fresh focus on lodging and plan their dream wedding reception with family and friends hosted at their little East coast paradise.

Can Shaun, Shelby, and architect Peter Blackie build eco-lux tents in remote areas with a team of non-carpenters? What will tourists do when they come? Will Shelby’s mom live up to her expectations as a wedding planner, or will there be a blonde-on-blonde throw down? Will the unpredictable Newfoundland weather leave everyone out in the cold? Catch Season 2 of Majumder Manor on Monday, July 21 with back-to-back episodes at 10 and 10:30 pm ET/PT.

Majumder Manor is produced by Take The Shot Productions Inc. in association with W Network and with the participation of the Canada Media Fund (CMF).

Shot on location in Vancouver, BC, The Audience premieres on Wednesday, July 16 at 10 pm ET/PT. In each episode, one person facing a life-changing decision will open up their life to 50 strangers to decide their fate – Should I have a baby on my own? Should I live below the line to pursue my dream career? Should I seek out my birth parents?

The Audience on W Network

The 50 strangers, referred to as The Audience, scrutinize every aspect of the protagonist’s life, following them for a week, to come up with the answer that could change their life forever. But will it be the answer they are hoping for? 

The Audience is made up of a group of ordinary people from diverse ages and backgrounds. They draw on their collective life experiences to help the person in need and provide thoughtful and valuable advice – The Audience leaves no stone unturned.

The Audience on W Network

Leading up to the series launch, viewers can visit The Audience online, where they’ll be encouraged to submit advice to an online protagonist in need of making a big life decision. Viewers can also weigh in on the series dilemmas as they unfold each week, and at the end of each episode, the site will reveal “where are they now” content. 

The Audience on W Network

“We’re thrilled to see Shaun Majumder return to W Network. Shaun and Shelby may not have finished their lodge development, but this season sees a lot of changes as they prepare for their own wedding celebration in Newfoundland,” according to Vibika Bianchi, Vice President, Original Programming, Women’s and Family Television, Corus Entertainment. “With The Audience, our viewers experience the turmoil, drama and humour of trusting others with monumental life changing choices on a scale never done before – with 50 strangers.”    

The Audience is produced by Force Four Entertainment in association with W Network and based on a format created by The Garden and distributed internationally by ITV Studios Global Entertainment. The Audience content on W Network is produced with the participation of The Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund.
Follow the action on W Network’s Twitter account using the show’s hashtags: #MajumderManor and #TheAudience

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