With Valentine’s day in just a couple of days, some of you might be looking to add some vroom to your visage, or make your kisser more kissable. Premium skin-care brand Dermalogica recently sent me two products that will be sweet treats for yourself or for gifting. 

Launched in 1986 by UK skin therapist Jane Wurwand, the Dermalogica line offers irritant-free, high quality products that focus on skin health rather than just surface beauty. All products are made in California and contain no parabens, artificial fragrances or colours.


Those who’ve read my previous posts may know that I’m trying to stay away from toxic ingredients in my skin care regime. I subscribe to the Dermalogica philosophy that health is the best beauty of all. As I gain more “experience”, so does my skin. 

All-night Game of Thrones marathons or overindulgence at a wine festival may seem like a good idea but my outer dermis shows its displeasure the next morning. These two Dermalogica products will come to the rescue when you need to shine.

Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque

I normally use clay masques that leave me looking like Frankenstein as they dry. Dermalogica’s Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque (MPRM) is a thick, peachy paste with a non-greasy, rich feel. It goes on clear and stays clear.


While some users reported a tingling sensation, I didn’t feel anything and had low hopes for this pricey $73 CAD tube. After 20 minutes, the masque washed off easily with warm water and I resisted the urge to immediately splash on toner. I have unbearably dry skin during winter, so my stress test for facial products is whether my cheeks resemble flakey pastry. 

I was exceptionally surprised that my skin felt clean, smooth and quenched. No other masque has ever given me that result! This product boasts all of the good stuff. Vitamins A, C, E, F and panthenol increases elasticity, moisture retention and promotes healthy tissue regeneration.

Damaged skin is nourished with pro-vitamin B5 while the beta glucans in Avena Sativa (oat) kernel extract act as an anti-inflammatory with moisturizing, soothing and calming properties.


No wonder Victoria Beckam calls MPRM a “little ambulance in a tube.” In only 20 minutes, this ultra-replenishing masque rescued my dehydrated, dull complexion. Scouring the web, some users recommend applying a small amount and using the product as an intense leave-on day moisturizer or overnight face and lip treatment.

I intend to try out both tips during these drying winter months. The power-packed ingredients may be excessive for those with very sensitive or oily skin so I suggest getting a sample before investing in the full-size tube.

Hydrablur Primer

I don’t like wearing a lot of makeup, preferring a more natural look. I was introduced to eyelash and eyebrow primers last year and have since become a big fan. Time to try a face primer. Dermalogica’s Hydrablur claims to reduce fine lines, mattify, illuminate and hydrate.


At $68 CAD, that’s a lot of responsibility for a small 22ml tube. Luckily it comes with its own tube dispenser so you can squeeze out every last drop. Packed with Abyssian seed oil, mushroom extract, Whu-Zhu-Yu fruit extract and their trademarked H2ORelease™ (hyaluronic acid) Complex, these ingredients claim to sustain moisture, enhance radiance and refine pores.

While most primers focus on purely cosmetic benefits, Hydrablur promotes healthy skin which is naturally a better canvas for makeup. The creamy primer glides on smoothly with a lightweight texture and fresh, light scent. Rubbing is not recommended.

My skin immediately looked matted and silky but didn’t feel dry. The micro-encapsulated tint has good pigmentation and provides neutral coverage that blurs pores and fine lines.


I put it on the back of my left hand to compare with my right. The uneven skin tone and large pores were visibly reduced while my skin felt hydrated and baby-soft. I would be confident to wear the primer without foundation, although this product will undoubtedly make your makeup last flawlessly throughout the day.

[Without primer]

[With primer]

Some of my friends are already loyal Dermalogica users but the first thing they mentioned was the hefty price point; the second was that the products work.

So what is good skin worth to you?

Not all products will work well for everyone but the two that Dermalogica sent wowed me beyond expectations. Photos by Cora Li.

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Cora Li

Cora dabbles in arts, technology, food, and travel. She loves that Vancouver offers a vast playground for exploring all of her passions. Cora’s most memorable job to date was working with VANOC during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

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