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Want to know what’s hot in food this summer? According to Chef Trevor Bird, owner of Vancouver’s Fable Restaurant, “simple Italian” is set to be all the rage.
Chef Bird is one of 15 top Canadian chefs who’ve joined forces in creating mouth-watering family-style recipes that incorporate the season’s trending ingredients.

The recipes are featured in a new digital cookbook, Pasta to the Rescue: Hot Summer Dishes for Busy Families, sponsored by Catelli Foods in support of Canada’s food banks. Combined with professional pasta-making tips from the chefs, the cookbook is available for download free of charge online or via Catelli’s Facebook page

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The initiative is part of a national campaign by Catelli Foods called Help Us Feed the Hope. For every download or share of the cookbook or its recipes, Catelli Foods will donate servings of pasta to food banks across Canada.

Visitors to the Catelli Foods website will also have the opportunity to enter a unique draw for a chance to win one of three delicious pasta dinners cooked at home by Chef Bird or one of the other participating chefs

Chef Bird’s recipe, a rigatoni dish, incorporates tomatoes, olive oil, salt, arugula and parmesan, “a simple combination behind a current healthy trend,” he stated, adding “Simple Italian cooking doesn’t require much as it’s all about the seasoning – nail the salt and you can’t go wrong.”

Chef Eraj Winnipeg
[Chef Eraj Jayawickreme]
Other notable chefs featured in the cookbook include:
Eraj Jayawickreme, Executive Chef, Fairmont Winnipeg
David Flegel, Executive Chef, Hyatt Regency Hotel Calgary
Trevor Simms, Executive Chef, Halifax Marriott Harbourfront
Martin Levesque, Executive Sous Chef, National Arts Centre, Ottawa
Renée Bellefeuille, Executive Chef, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto
The Help Us Feed the Hope campaign also features a coast-to-coast in-store promotion where Catelli Foods will donate a serving of Catelli® pasta to food banks nationally for every box of pasta purchased through the end of May (at Federated Co-op stores on the West coast). 

Chef Bird will be at the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society this month to help unload a delivery of Catelli® pasta and you’re invited to attend! Meet Chef Bird and help line the food bank’s shelves with the thousands of boxes of pasta that will be delivered. For date and time details, visit Catelli online.

“This initiative comes at a perfect time, and support from the community and food donors like Catelli Foods go a long way in helping us provide healthy food for all,” said Aart Schuurman Hess, CEO of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. “Pasta is on our 10 Most Wanted food list as it enables our members to create healthy, nutritious meals using basic ingredients.”

Chef Scot Baechler creation
The cookbook name, Pasta to the Rescue, has a double meaning, explained Sandra Kim, Director of Marketing for the Catelli® pasta brand. “With summer being the slowest time of year for food banks and with pasta being a quick and easy meal solution, Catelli Foods is coming to the rescue of both Canadian food banks and families from coast to coast,” she said.
“As Canada’s largest pasta manufacturer, Catelli Foods is pleased to give Canadians the opportunity to join the fight against hunger,” Kim added, explaining that about 850,000 Canadians are assisted by food banks monthly, with over a third being children and youth. “Hunger is a solvable problem and if we all do our part to help others in our community, together we can make a difference.”
According to Kim, the goal is one million servings of pasta across Canada.

Chef Eraj Jayawickreme creation
And here’s a sneak peek of some of the food trends included in the cookbook:
– Simple Italian (tomatoes, olive oil)
– Caramelized onions
– Local meats, humble cuts and charcuterie
– Plant-based diets (lentils, chickpeas)
– “Ugly vegetables” (cauliflower, celery root, jicama, rutabaga)
– Heritage legumes (calypso beans, pulses)
– Bitter and sour flavours (kale, rapini, dark chocolate, Combawa lemon/lime)
– Ancient Indian spices with a modern twist
– Sustainably sourced fish products
– Eastern Mediterranean flavours and Middle Eastern superfoods (cumin, coriander, lemons, flavoured hummus, tahini, pomegranate, eggplant)

Unwatermarked photos courtesy of Catelli Foods.

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